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The Captain’s Boil is a new seafood boil restaurant in Richmond. They have a few locations in Toronto, but now has opened their first location in Metro Vancouver.

They take the seafood boil and toss it with their blend of secret, Asian inspired spices and aromatics. They are open quite late and do take reservations.

I was invited to give their signature items a try.




The interior uses wood, stone, and ropes to really give you a sense of being on a boat. There are long tables and booth seating for those in small to large groups.




The menu is pretty simple as it has 3 steps.

  1. Choose your catch
  2. Choose your flavour
  3. Choose your heat

All of the seafood is by weight. If you are a seafood lover like myself, its hard to figure out what to get.

Bibs and Gloves


Everyone gets bibs and gloves to keep clean. I love the pirate themed bibs, super cute. The gloves can break quite easily if you are vigorously cracking away at those shells.




They have a range of domestic and premium beers, as well as soju and sake. I went with a light Asahi beer, which goes with seafood very well.


Seafood Boil


We ordered a pound of each seafood item on the menu:

  • clams
  • mussels
  • crawfish
  • shrimp
  • chicken slices
  • lobster
  • king crab leg
  • Dungeness crab
  • snow crab legs

It comes in one bag for each kind and arrives a few bags at one time. We got all of ours with the Captain Boil’s Mix, which combines their 3 flavours – cajun cajun, lemon pepper and garlic sauce. We also got it at medium spice.


You can order sides to go into boil like corn, lotus roots, sausages, and potatoes.


The best way to enjoy everything is to pour it all on the table, so everyone can grab it easily.

Of all the types of crabs, I really enjoyed the King Crab Legs, but it is super costly at $36.95 per pound. It was so big and meaty.

The other legs were hard to open, but there are scissors and clamps to crack the shells open.


They sell the lobsters at a seasonal price but always good to double check the cost. The bulk of the meat is in the claws and tail.



Of all the seafood, I thought the crawfish wasn’t worth it since it’s mostly shell. The shells are hard to crack open and there is very little meat inside. But then again, where else are you going to crawfish in Vancouver?


After eating a bunch of the seafood, the Captain’s Boil sauce was too heavy. I would have liked to choose the lemon pepper or the garlic sauce.

Sizzling Plate


Chicken Teriyaki Sizzling Plate Combo with rice includes their seafood platter before 4pm. You get 2 crawfish, 2 shrimps, 2 mussels, and 2 clams. A pretty good deal if you can go there for lunch.



Fried shrimp basket comes with 10 pieces, which is great for sharing.


Fried Chicken Wings comes in large or small, but we chose the small size. It was fried with light seasoning, which I enjoyed.


Overall, its a great addition in Richmond. Since all the seafood is by weight, it can get pricey if you’re a big eater. The Captain’s Boil sauce is overpowering, so you might want to consider the lemon pepper or garlic sauce to be able to taste more of the seafood.


We rate The Captain’s Boil35rating

1226 – 8338 Capstan Way, Richmond,BC


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