The Captain’s Boil Pirate Party: Celebrating the Launch of the Lobster Rolls & Lobster Bisque

Colette July 14, 2017 Promotion, Seafood, Toronto

The Captain’s Boil held a pirate-themed party on Toronto’s Tall Ship Kajima to celebrate the launch of their new Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque. The ship was docked at downtown Harbourfront and attracted a lot of attention with its pirate flag, loud music and Instagram-worthy lobster pool floaties. As soon as we boarded the ship, we were greeted by an elaborate seafood spread. There were huge pots of shrimp, crawfish, king crab and of course, lobsters, displayed grandly like floral centerpieces at a wedding.  There was also a photobooth with crustacean and Captain Jack Sparrow-themed props which many people (me included) took part in. Within an hour, the boat was filled with hungry bloggers, many dressed in their best sailor stripes.

Spotted: a king crab trying to photobomb and take attention away from the evening’s guest of honour: the lobster

Warning: several lobster rolls were harmed during the making of this photo.

While the ship and décor were fun and engaging, more importantly, the lobster rolls lived up to the hype. Large chunks of fresh lobster were tucked in between a toasted buttery bun, with crisp lettuce and a slice of bacon for good measure. We weren’t the only ones that inhaled our lobster rolls as quickly as we grabbed them. As soon as the servers emerged from below deck, they would be swarmed by hungry bloggers. If you couldn’t elbow your way to the front, you would be left hungry, disappointed and lobster roll-less. Good thing we made friends with one of the servers who kept us happily supplied with plenty of rolls.

This cocktail went really well with the lobster – there was also a lemonade soju and a mixed berry option.

After an ungodly amount of rolls were consumed, (it’s embarrassing how many we had, all in the name of “research”), we washed them down with some refreshing mango & passionfruit soju.

One of the brave servers on deck (no one wants to tell food bloggers that they have to wait a few minutes until the next round of food)


Next we tried the lobster bisque. They were served in small cups that made it way too easy to shoot down, one after the other. The bisque was delicious, savoury and creamy, but balanced with a tangy spice, similar to the Cajun and Asian flavours found in the famous Captain’s Boil sauce. Every serving of bisque had a chunk of lobster. The bisque was definitely tastier than other bisques or chowders I’ve tried, as those can be too heavy on the cream and potatoes with not enough seafood flavour.

To sum it all up, here’s what I have to say: I was lucky enough to experience fresh Nova Scotian lobster last summer and with the sea breeze (ok fine, the Lake Ontario wind) blowing and the fresh delicious seafood, it (almost) felt like I was back in Halifax! Since we Torontonians don’t have the luxury of local lobster, I suggest hurrying down to the nearest Captain’s Boil if you want a similar seaside-like experience.

The Lobster Rolls and Lobster Bisque launch July 15th. Downtown Toronto is home to three Captain’s Boil locations, with 16 restaurants in Ontario.


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