The BBT Shop: Bubble Waffles and Tea

Diana Chan April 12, 2015 Cafe, Dessert, Richmond, Three Beakers


The BBT Shop is located under Superstore in Richmond on No. 3 Road. I kept seeing beautiful pictures on Instagram and I knew I had to check out this place with a few friends. Their signature items are Bubble Tea and Bubble Waffles.


Inside the store, the menus are up on 3 TV screens and there are also a bunch of display cases where you can purchase some toys and figurines.





When you order the bubble waffles, the wait is a bit long.


Matcha Frappe with Grass jelly ($5.25 + $0.50) topped off with whipped cream.


London Fog ($3.99) was what I ordered. I know it’s pretty strange not to get a bubble tea, but I’ve been having an addiction to london fogs for the past few months.


Strawberry and Cream Bubble Waffle ($6.75) is very crispy with a good amount of strawberries and whipping cream on top. The one thing I felt was lacking was the waffle itself. It is quite hallow, so I really miss the bouncy texture that lies inside. Because the waffle is hallow inside ( or at least ours was), you don’t get full from it.

Everything looks beautiful but we didn’t like the texture of the waffle.

We Rate the BBT Shop

#105 4651 No.3 Road
Richmond, BC


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