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Diana Chan January 27, 2012 American, Downtown, Four Beakers, Sandwich

The American CheeseSteak Co. opened up around Davies and Granville a few months ago. They serve up some delicious CheeseSteaks at decent prices. Anthony Sedlak, the chef of The American CheeseSteak Co. was also the host of the Food Network show – The Main. He’s also lost a lot of weight since then.

If you’re looking a good filling meal with lots of delicious meat in a bun, this place is the place to go.

Dee from Gastrofork and I decided to check it out, so do check out her thoughts on the meal as well.

Bottled Coke ($3) I love old school bottled coke in the glass bottle. It brings me back to the days before I was born. I also caught a picture of Dee in the background just for fun.

Le Bifteck (Small-$10) has shaved prime rib, caramelized onion jam, double-cream brie, arugula, and dijon.

The ooey gooey brie cheese with the meat just made a very good combination. It was very messy to eat, so I got sauce all over my hands and face. I felt like a kid not being able to control how clean or messy I ate. You probably need 2 napkins or so. Even for a small size, I was completely full!

For some reason, all the ingredients inside the bun made the bottom side of the bread soggy, so it contributed to the messy factor.

The Coppola (Small- $10) has shaved prime rib, sautéed mushrooms, onions and green peppers, hot banana peppers, house-made roasted tomato sauce and provolone.

If you take a close look, that looks kinda spicy. Check out what Dee (Gastrofork) had to say about her Coppola CheeseSteak.

ACC Fries (Small-$4) is tossed with garlic, parsley and parmesan. We shared the fries and they were quite good, but we still were unable to finish them since the sandwich really filled us up. There are a lot of fries in the small size, so best to share with a friend.

Overall, we had a good time eating their huge meaty sandwiches. If you are a lover of sandwiches with lots of meat, you’ll probably love this place.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Small is quite filling
  • Eating the CheeseSteak can get quite messy
  • Around $10
  • Some seating, but it’s not too busy during dinner time

We Rate American CheeseSteak Co:

781 Davie St
Vancouver, BC

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  1. fatpanda January 27, 2012 at 12:46 am

    Im glad you posted this!! American cheesesteak been on my list to eat for so long!! Will for sure visit this weekend!!

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