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Diana Chan October 26, 2010 South Burnaby, Thai, Three Beakers

Thai House Royale has been around for a long time. My parents come here all the time because they have a large variety in their menu and it is not all traditional Thai cuisines. For some dishes they add a Chinese twist to the dish. I am not a big fan of Thai dishes because of their sour characteristics of their dishes. So, usually I have to choose carefully.

Near the entrance of the restaurant, you are greeted with really nice decor, but as you walk deeper into the restaurant, the decor starts to get very depressing. It’s probably because all the tables didn’t have table clothes.

While waiting for our food, my dad suggested ordering Singha, a Thai beer. Apparently he tried it a long long time ago. I was clearly a skeptic of this choice, but nonetheless we got it anyways. The beer was nice and light. It reminded me of Sing Tao…but perhaps even better.

My little sister had the virgin Royal Thai Special. According to the image on the menu, it looks really appealing in the tall glass. When you look at the menu at C and compare it to what came to the table…it doesn’t look so appetizing anymore….looks more like frothy milk.  I know you shouldn’t judge by appearances, but you gotta admit…it’s ugly. Yes, it was delicious and my sister orders it every time we go to Thai House.

The skewers are really good. We ordered 3 kinds – beef ($8.95), lamb ($8.95), and ostrich ($9.95). Yes, somehow they have ostrich meat. Satay Skewers seems like this is our family’s favorite dish because we order it every single time. Each order comes with 4 skewers and you can also do half orders as well.

All the skewers come with this curry type of sauce. Rule of thumb, don’t eat the carrot rose because you never know if they reuse it for other people’s dishes.

We ordered the curry crab, it doesn’t have a specified price to it, but when we went, it was about $33 per crab. They do it by piece rather than pound. It is best to order rice with this dish since the sauce is really really good!! Remember to ask for lots of napkins because your fingers will be really saucy! they do give you wet napkins as well.

Pinapple fried rice ($13.50) was alright, it wasn’t amazing. Compared to Tropkia’s pineapple fried rice, this does not even compare. Don’t get me wrong, this is a popular dish! 3 other tables around us had the same thing too. Inside this fried rice, there were fresh pineapples, peanuts, raisins, pork floss, egg, and chicken.

Chicken Curry ($14.95) was not my favorite dish. It had the strong sour characteristics of Thai food. I don’t think the rest of my family liked it either. We packed it to go and tweaked the flavours at home.

I have a feeling that I should stop going to Thai places if I don’t like their types of food. I’ve been here about 5 times, so there must be something the restaurant is doing right.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Tons of FREE parking in the parkade near Save On Foods
  • Good for large groups (Make reservations if its a large group)
  • Depending on the dish, it can be pricey
  • Satay Skewers are delicious

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