Terra Vancouver: Unique Plant-based Pop Up Dinners

Diana Chan May 15, 2018 British Columbia, Gluten-Free, Pop-Up Shop, Vegetarian

Terra Vancouver creates unique plant-based pop ups in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their goal is to bring together great culinary expertise and passion for innovative dining experiences for gluten-free and vegan lifestyles – perfect for Vancouverites.

These events are currently hosted once a month, each one at a different location, with a different theme, and menu. For the month of May, we were delighted to attend the inaugural pop up at Mission Kits with the meal created by Chef Max Straczek and David from Terra Vancouver.


The meal began with beautifully presented canapes which included Beetroot cappuccino lemon verbena foam, vegetable “pirogies” – bean filling / turnip wrapper, carrot tartare, and a sesame spinach gomae. All the canapes are paired with Prosecco.

The perogies has a fresh crispness to the radish with  the bean filling. The beetroot cappuccino had a rich yet smooth sweet beet favour. You can see the deep beautiful colour.

The carrot tartare had a nice texture and a crunch in every bite. Also a perfect touch of sweetness too.

The spinach gomae has crispy textures and is complimented with an acidic tangy taste. All the flavours tied in very well together.

Course 1: Cauliflower soup

This dish is themed around the many uses of cauliflower. The flavours were very smooth and every spoonful had a different flavour but each were delicious. The taste of the creamy coconut cauliflower broth did shine through. You can see the crispy cauliflower, mint jelly, pickled grapes and fried capers on the side. This was able to add saltiness, sweetness and texture to the dish overall.

Course 2: Asparagus

This beautifully green inspired dish has asaparagus, charred jus of asapagus, marinated zucchini rolls filled with lemon confit, almond and garlic puree, peas, and quinoa. The dish was fresh yet warm and comforting., like a twist on a traditional risotto. Overall, it has a very mild green pea flavour. The Tannat grape wine from France that was paired with this dish goes well with asparagus.

Course 3

This dish had potato rosti, roasted and pickled turnips, roasted king oyster mushroom, roasted celery roo, vegan demi and truffle duxelle. The flavour were amazing, simply delicious.

Courses 4: “Cheese”

In this dish is nettle crusted grapefruit mostarda cheddar, sorrel, horseradish, and crispy broccoli tips. The cheese is made of cashew milk, which was a great substitute to the real thing as it tasted very real.

Pallet cleanser

The pallet cleaners is made of compressed cucumber with red wine vinegar and sugar. Very tangy but sweet at the same time

Course 5: Dessert

This vibrant dessert has cocoa crumb, coffee crumb, raspberry caviar, a raspberry gel, and vegan chocolate with a pop rock surprise.

Lastly an acorn and peanut butter square.

Everyone went home with a nicely packaged apple jam. A little reminder of this deliciously prepared meal. Hilda was impressed with all the dishes and this meal exceeded my expectations. The food was very fresh and creative. Everything was very well done and she would come back again.

Visit their website – for future pop up dinners around Vancouver. Their next dinner is set for June 25th 2018 to showcase the seasonality of ingredients through Spring to Summer.

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