Teavana: Joy 2015 Tea Blend

Diana Chan November 23, 2015 product


I was a pretty big fan of Starbucks’s Tazo Joy Tea, but it was discontinued a few years ago. It was a pretty good tea blend, but all good things have to come to an end right?

This holiday, Starbucks is selling boxes of Teavana’s Joy 2015 tea with 12 tea sachets in a box for $11.95.


This tea blend has black tea, jasmine green tea and oolong tea with notes of apricot and florals. The difference with this year’s joy tea is the notes of apricot and florals.


Each packet has the tea pouch filled with the loose leaf tea.


You brew it at 96 degrees celsius for 3 minutes. You can reuse the tea bag for extra cups later in the day.


Once it’s done brewing, you can really smell the aroma of apricots. I’ve never been a fan of floral teas because of the artificial fruity smells. The taste of the tea was good but it was just the smell that turned me off.

This particular tea does have a lot of caffeine, so don’t drink it too late at night. M had trouble falling asleep, so he stayed up playing video games and reading.

Who knows what they will do for their Joy 2016 tea blend, but hopefully it will be another unique flavour.



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  1. Tonya Frizzell December 3, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    At a buck a bag, I’d expect there to be crack cocaine in it as well.

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