Taste of Yaletown 2018 Preview: House Special

Diana Chan October 18, 2018 Event, Vietnamese, Yaletown

Taste of Yaletown is back for their 14th year, where you have the opportunity to select special tasting menus from participating restaurants, each at $25, $35, or $45 price points.  This starts October 18 to the 28th and you can savour Vancouver’s best dining district. It’s sure to tempt the most adventurous foodie.

House Special

We got a sneak peek of House Special and their $35 Taste of Yaletown menu consisting on an appetizer, entree, and dessert. You will need a minimum of 2 people as items are shared family-style. If you are vegetarian, there is another menu as well.

House Special is a modern Vietnamese restaurant located in Yaletown. They have been dazzling locals and visitors for years with their delicious creations and tempting cocktails.

Xiu Mai Sliders

These are traditional Xiu Mai pork meatballs on a jalapeño herb biscuit. The biscuit holds well together and the meatballs were so flavourful and delicious especially when paired with the other items on the side.

Banh Hoi Platter

This interactive dish has a grilled meat platter with fresh greens & herbs. It is served with rice paper for wrapping. You can create your own lettuce wraps or salad rolls with:

  • Lemongrass beef tenderloin brochette,
  • Sugarcane minced pork,
  • Betel-wrapped Beef,
  • Crispy wonton-wrapped shrimp,
  • Marinated pork jowl, and
  • Vietnamese seafood coral.

It’s such an interactive meal and we all enjoyed it very much. If it’s your first time here, they will help guide you through how to make a wrap.

Mix a little bit of everything in your wrap and you can’t go wrong.

Dessert Three Ways

You get an assortment of traditional Vietnamese Che desserts all on one plate for the table. There is sweet rice and mango, their modern version of che, and sticky rice red bean item on a spoon.

Vegetarian Menu

There is also a vegetarian menu for those who can’t have any meat in their diet. It’s great that they offer this option.

Mushroom & Egg Slider

There is mushroom and egg on a jalapeño basil biscuit

Vegetarian Banh Hoi & Banh Xeo Platter

This version has a platter of angel hair vermicelli, fresh herbs and traditional veggies for wrapping. Also served with:

  • Banh Xeo
    (Crispy turmeric crepe with jicama, mushroom, beansprouts, and pickled vegetables)
  • Vietnamese Coral
    (Taro, sweet potato, carrot, mung bean fritter)
  • Vegan Spring Rolls
  • Salted Radish & Green Onion Omelet

Dessert Three Ways

Final Thoughts

It’s a great menu for any special occasion or a good night out. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time or else you may be disappointed as House Special is a very popular restaurant in the neighbourhood. For $35 per person, the menu is well crafted and gives you a taste of modern Vietnamese cuisine.

1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC


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