Tandoori Flame: North America’s largest authentic Indian Buffet in Surrey

Diana Chan July 16, 2018 Buffet, Delta, Indian, Surrey

Tandoori Flame recently opened up in the Delta-Surrey area as North America’s largest authentic Indian Buffet. Since they have opened, there has been much buzz about this place and line ups everyday that seem to be never ending.

With their 450+ seating capacity with a multi-room layout, they are really drawing a crowd every day and night.

It is a unique dining experience with interactive food stations – 12 food stations and 150 food items. Thats a lot of items to choose from.


Dining Area

The space is nice and there are tons of tables for small to large groups. They take reservations if you have 40 people in a party or more.

It’s pretty hard to believe they can fit 450 people in this space.

The Buffet Area

The buffet can be very crowded at peak dinner time from 6pm till 8pm with waits of about 30 minutes. The buffet is nice and there are wood and copper panels and pots to give it a nice look.

There is an area for snacks and appetizers like Pani Puri, which you can fill with yogurt, tamarind, and other sauces or ingredients.

The most exciting section is at the back of the restaurant with all the curries and rice. So many varieties that it’s hard to choose what you want to add to your plate. Good thing it’s a buffet so you can grab a bit of everything.

My favourites are the daal tarka, palak paneer and butter chicken.

Fresh Dosa is made on their grill and its so fun to watch. They don’t do this all the time, but if you can catch them in action, its interesting to see how its made.

The make it seem so easy and its stuffed with a potato mixture.

There are big tandoori ovens making naan and chicken tandoori. If you ask them, they can make garlic naan.

At the centre of the buffet are fruits and veggies. All the healthy fresh items in the centre.

Another item made in front of you is the Chana bhatura, which is fried bread. To go with it, is the pindi chana which is like a chickepea stew.

Let’s Eat

Drinks like these do cost extra. We got the blueberry lassi and peachy iced tea. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options.

We started with some appetizers like samosas, chana bhatura, pindi chana, papadums, pan puri and some sauces.

Next round, I got some rice, palak paneer, naan, daal, butter chicken, and goat biryani.

I got some dosa, chicken tandoori, papadums and palak paneer.

There were tons of dessert options but I went with Mango Custard, Mango firni and petha. I was so stuffed that I wish I could of had more dessert.

Final Thoughts

The Indian buffet is something different for the Lower Mainland. It’s large and there are so many choices. I have been to a few other all you can eat Indian Buffets in town and this is large. It’s not as large as the all you can eat buffets in casinos, but for just Indian food, it’s impressive.

I never knew there were so many varieties of appetizers, curries, rice, and desserts. They do offer vegetarian and Halal options in the buffet.

The items in the buffet do vary, so some options may shift if you come here another time. They have a take out area as well if you love the food but don’t want to wait. Of course the take out isn’t all you can eat, but they will have a few favourite items to get to go – whether it be a meal for yourself and family.

11970 88 Ave, Delta, BC


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  1. Naomi July 17, 2018 at 12:47 am

    There have been many negative comments on other sites like Yelp (don’t bother with Google or TripAdvisor as most negative reviews for advertisers rarely get posted) with poor service, poor management handling, poor or average food quality, deep fried western junk food like onion rings, etc.

    Delta/Surrey is too far for many to go as well. Given the lack of consistency, I’ll stick with New India on Broadway. If Tandoori flame succeeds, maybe they’ll open up in Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond.

  2. Kaleb July 17, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Did the manager give you some consideration for your glowing review? Did he know you were coming?

    Because your review isn’t consistent with what others are saying which have given this buffet low marks. It’s not the same as in Toronto either.

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