TAKO: Korean-Mexican Fusion Taco Shop in Vancouver

Diana Chan October 20, 2016 Downtown, Fusion, Korean, Mexican


Tacqueria Koreano, aka TAKO is a new fusion Korean and Mexican Taco shop right by Stadium Skytrain Station. One of my favourite fusion cuisines is Korean and Mexican, the flavours meld pretty good together. There have been other food trucks out in Vancouver that have done something similar.

I was invited along with a few foodies to give a few items on their menu a try.



The interior is pretty small, but they have outside and inside seating. If it’s a rainy day outside, you’ll be able to find a seat here.



Gangnam Taco has BBQ short rib. There is a generous amount of BBQ short rib in this taco. The taco is a decent size and you can finish it in 2-3 bites.


Jeju Taco has spicy pork belly as the centrepiece of this delicious taco.


Seoul Taco has deep -fried chicken. The chicken is pretty good, but I felt they were a bit heavy on the gochujang sauce.


Tako Taco has grilled beef belly. Similar to the Jeju taco, I felt they were also a bit heavy handed on the sauce.


Busan Taco has prawn tempura. This taco wasn’t that great compared to the other tacos as it was drenched in sauce, so by the time you eat your taco, the tempura isn’t as crisp.



They have a variety of different burritos and it has kimchi fried rice, corn, cheese and your choice of meat. You can choose between spicy pork, BBQ Short Rib or bulgogi. It’s very filling and you can’t go wrong with any of the meats.



Kimchi Quesadilla has pan-fried kimchi, bulgogi, corn, red onion, and cheese. It is topped off with sesame seed, green onion and sour cream. My favourite of the 2 quesadilla.


Omma Quesadilla has bulgogi, mushroom, cheese, and red onion. The gochujang sauce was a nice touch.

Seoul Chicken


The Seoul Chicken was very good. Crunchy texture with moist pieces of meat on the inside. I would order this again.

Bibimbap Bowl


Bibimbap Bowl has assorted veggies on rice with soft boiled egg and your choice of meat. There is BBQ short rib, bulgogi or spicy pork. I liked the spicy pork as it added a bit of kick to the dish. The egg was phenomenal.

TAKO Poutine


Their poutine isn’t your traditional poutine. You won’t find cheese curd and gravy on these fries. You choose your protein and it is topped with a bunch of accompanying sauces. Yet again, very sauce heavy.


Rice Cake Skewers come with 5 pieces on a skewer. You’ll get the similar gochujang flavour that is smothered on these rice cakes.

Final Thoughts


Overall, my favourite items were the quesadilla and the burritos. A good item to have for lunch. The bibimbap was nice too as they egg is just so good. The tacos were decent but it is a bit heavy handed with the sauce.

We Rate TAKO35rating

601 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver


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