Taihodien Restaurant Spicy Dry Noodle: Review

Diana Chan March 6, 2019 product

We love instant noodles and Taipei’s Taihodien Restaurant has come out with a spicy dry noodle that you can make at home. Taihodien Restaurant is popular for their numbing spice – mala hot pot soup base.

I love a good spicy dry noodle, so when we were sent a few packs to review, we had to give it a try to see how it stacks up with other spicy instant noodles out there.

The instant dry noodle package can be made at home on your stove with just the items in side the package or you can add in a few extra ingredients to enhance the meal. Perhaps by adding in some vegetables or an egg. Alternatively, just eat it as is if you don’t want to change up the flavours too much.

Follow the instructions on the package to get it to the right consistency.

  • Bring 1500cc of water to a boil
  • In a bowl, add all 3 sauces and mix well
  • When water comes to a boil, cook noodles for 6 minutes and drain water.
  • Add cooked dry noodles to the bowl with sauce and mix well
  • Eat and Enjoy.

Taste Test

This was a solid bowl of noodles with Mala spice, which has the Szechuan peppercorn to numb your tongue. The sauce has a rich spice that is like a deep aromatic Sichuan peppercorn spice that is reminiscent of Taiwanese flavour.

I didn’t find it too spicy as I love spicy food and it gave me tastebuds a tingle. For other people who don’t have a high spice tolerance, this will be spicy for you.

The noodles have a nice chewy texture to it. We did notice that there is quite a bit of sodium in the packet of noodles, but when I compared it to similar noodles in the market, their amount of sodium is fair.

Where do I find Taihodien Spicy Dry Noodle?

They are currently sold in Metro Vancouver at the following locations – Summit Lodge, 88 Supermarket in Killarney, Chong Lee Market, Donalds Market in New Westminster and Port Coquitlam, and Efresh Market on WeChat.


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