TaDa Sushi: New Sushi Restaurant In Coquitlam

Diana Chan December 19, 2011 Coquitlam, Japanese, Three Beakers

I was studying for my last final exam and a few of us were growing quite hungry. M knows I like to yell at him when he suggests fast food or some place we’ve been before.  So, he found this restaurant on Urbanspoon. It seemed like an adventure since it’s pretty unknown, so we grabbed BusanGirl and headed off from SFU.

It was really hard to find, but as long as you park near Woodys Liquor Store in Square Village, you should be able to find this small place. It’s not on the main road, but more in the parking lot.

Since they were 30 mins away from closing, this place was basically dead. They had a few takeout orders at this time, but no one dining. It’s new, so I’m sure not that many people know about it.

Home Made Pork Dumplings ($7.50) are really amazing!! It had a lot of filling and all the ingredients blended nicely together. This is a Korean dish and in no way Japanese. Since the owners are Korean, theres a reason why this is really good.

I would highly recommend this dish.

Oyster Tempura ($3.99) comes with 5 pieces. The size of the oysters are nice and bite size. It kinda reminded me of agedashi tofu, but with oysters.

Tempura Salmon Donburi ($8.50) was a bit of a disappointment. The sauce they used made the overall dish quite salty. There was also bones in a piece of the salmon. I guess they forgot to remove the bones from one of the pieces.

Chicken Yamisoba ($7.50) has some good chicken, but the salt made the yamisoba quite salty. There seems to be quite a bit of sauce in it too.

Bento Box B ($8.99) comes with teriyaki, assorted tempura, california roll, and a salad. BUT, since BusanGirl is allergic to green vegetables, they gave her 2 more pieces of california roll to substitute.

She enjoyed the whole bento box.

Miso Soup comes with the bento box. Normal like most miso soups.

Overall, the prices are quite affordable and have a large menu. What I love about their menu is how it’s all pictures so you know what you are ordering. Their teriyaki type of items aren’t good, but you can’t go wrong with any of their other items.

Words of Wisdom:

  • 10% off for Take out $25 and over
  • Free delivery within 1.5km
  • Hidden inside Square Village near Woody’s Liquor Store
  • Under $10
  • $6.99 Lunch Specials
  • Large Variety in their menu

We Rate TaDa Sushi:

931 Brunette  Coquitlam, BC

604 777 0702
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