Taco Bell Canada: Naked Chicken Chips and Chickstar Review

Diana Chan January 27, 2018 Coquitlam, Fast Food

I love it when Taco Bell comes out with new items in Canada. They released the Naked Chicken Chip and Chickstar this January for a limited time only. My husband told me about it, so we drove to the closes Taco Bell, which was 40 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver. These items were released in the United States last year but now we finally have them in Canada.

We made sure to order a lot of food to make it worth the trip.

Naked Chicken Chips

This is boldly seasoned crispy chicken, served with a zesty nacho cheese sauce. The chicken is marinated white meat and has 6 pieces per order.

It’s decent, but since its thin, you’ll need a lot more food to get full. The nacho cheese sauce was comforting and reminded me of being a kid.


This has the same shape as their crunch wrap, but this has 3 pieces of the Naked Chicken Chips, spicy ranch sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and diced ripe tomatoes, all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. I much prefer the other crunch wraps as this seemed like a crispy chicken salad inside a tortilla.

Naked Chicken Chips Big Box or Chickstar Big Box

If you’re feeling hungry, you can order the Big box with either naked chicken chips or chickstar. For $9.69, you get a beef burrito, Doritos Locos Taco, fries supreme and a regular drink.

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