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Diana Chan February 28, 2011 American, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

It’s weird how M can find so many commercials of food when he doesn’t even have a TV. Sure enough, he saw this and wanted to order Swiss Chalet online. Since we were already going out to run errands, we decided to order online and go into the restaurant to pick it up.

We set our order to be picked up at 9pm. There were even special parking spots for people who were just picking up. They were spots closest to the door! Since we fought off the snow storm and ended up a few minutes early, we had to wait a little bit for our meal to be ready.

After talking to the waitress about her day, it seems like the online service is actually working! Their kitchen was so swamped getting out all the online orders. Perhaps it was a snowy day and people wanted take out.

Since our order was about 10 mins late, they have us complementary pop as we waited. Very nice touch! M commented it was perhaps the most “homey” type of restaurant he has ever seen in Canada. He liked the service, but I just looked at him funny because it’s just a chain restaurant….nothing too homey about it. I guess what he was trying to say was how the staff really supported each other and were super friendly.

After zooming past all the stuck cars on the hills, we were back home. Snow Tires and 4 wheel drive for the win! We came back in one piece and had food.

I ordered the Roasted chicken and shrimp dinner ($10.99). It came with a multigrain bun, mixed vegetables, roasted chicken thigh, 5 pieces of shrimp and a container of sauce.

The chicken was very tender and juicy when I cut in. Since it was just one thigh, I really wasn’t full from the chicken. The shrimp was pretty bad, it was drenched in oil in the container and it did not holdt a lot of flavour to it.

M ordered double leg meal ($9.99). It came with the multigrain bun, mashed potatoes + gravy and 2 chicken thighs.

Mashed potatoes were thick and tasted very good.The chicken legs were very juicy, tender and the skin was superb with the special sauce.

The sauce that came with the meal was really delicious! It was like a mixture of gravy and BBQ sauce. We gobbled up most of both our sauces with out chicken. Addictive sauce!

Words of Wisdom:

  • The comfort of Swiss Chalet at home
  • Easy online ordering system
  • Delivery

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