Swiss Bakery: Cronut or Frissant in Vancouver

Diana Chan June 25, 2013 Bakery, French, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

The latest craze hitting New York is the Cronut, a hybrid between a croissant and a donut. The trademarked item was the brain child of Chef Dominique Ansel, a French pastry chef at Ansel’s bakery shop in New York. These cronut are in such high demand that they have begun selling in the “black market” for over $100. They have been flying off the shelves and people wait in line for hours just to get a taste of the cronut.

Imitations have begun popping up around the world to catch up on the cronut hype. Luckily, there is one bakery in Vancouver that is selling their spin on the cronut. Swiss Bakery is selling the Frissant. It’s a mix of a fritter and a croissant….thus the name frissant.


Ever since news hit on social media about the Frissant in Vancouver, these puppies have been flying off the shelves. Some people have even been saying they sell out by 10am. Swiss Bakery is located on 3rd and Main right across from Nuba.

My office is 3 blocks away, so I decided to come here with a coworker to grab a few. When we arrived at 9:30am, there were a few people inside and 3 frissants left. They were in the process of making more batches for the day.


Frissants come in 2 flavours at Swiss Bakery – Vanilla and Chocolate. They sell for $4 a pop, which isn’t too cheap, but they do spend lots of time working on the recipe and perfecting each batch. Small price to pay compared to what people in New York have to end up paying on the “black market”.


I decided to grab one of each flavour to see which one was better. I usually don’t like donuts, but I just had to see what was so good about them.


The exterior of the frissant is crispy and the layers are quite fluffy. Hidden inside is the yummy delicious custard. I preferred the vanilla flavour over the chocolate one.

If a donut hater can be convinced that a Frissant is delicious, that means its mighty delicious. It has been hard for some people to get their hands on the Frissant in Vancouver. I’ve heard multiple people being disappointed that its been sold out before they got there. I would suggest going in the morning to get some before noon. Or you can see what the status is on Twitter.

They don’t do preorders are it’s been difficult to coordinate orders. Best to just walk in if you’re already in the area.

143 E 3rd Ave
Vancouver, BC



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