I pass by Sushiholic quite often and at first I didn’t have high expectations for Sushiholic because they are in a location where there has been several failed restaurants. They did have a lot of reviews from anonymous users on Urbanspoon and some other website, good reviews too.

So, I went to see if it lived up to their reviews.

The exterior is quite an eye sore and looks quite ghetto.

When you enter through the door, it look every clean and modern inside. Nothing like the outside at all.

The Fire Dragon Roll ($9.95) looks super cool since they make it look somewhat like a “fire dragon”. The sushi was composed of spicy tuna, prawns and cucumber with mayo and spicy sauce.  This was really really delicious!

The Spider Roll ($7.95) is similar to the other spider rolls you find. It has soft-shell crab inside. It was still delicious and the sauce in the shape of a spider web is a nice touch.

Volcano Roll ($11.95) is a sushi with asparagus and shrimp. It is then deep fried and chopped up. Having the roll deep fried give it a very crunchy texture, the addition of spicy tuna in the middle is really ingenious because it’s supposed to be set up like a “volcano”. The spicy tuna is coated with a sauce that has a combination of sesame oil and spicy sauce.

Overall it was a great dish!

Las Vegas Roll ($9.95) was another deep fried roll. It is chopped up and laid on its side and topped up with more crab meat and tobiko. The best way to eat this is to smush the crab meat down so you can fit it into your mouth.

We also ordered the Sushiholic Tray ($21.95). For this price, you get 54 pieces of sushi. These rolls include California Roll (8pcs), Dynamite Roll (6pcs), BC Roll (6pcs), Tuna Roll (6pcs), Salmon Roll (6pcs), Spicy Tuna Roll (8pcs),Kappa Roll (6pcs), and Chopped Scallop Roll (8pcs). It’s really good for the price if you are hungry.

The rolls aren’t anything special but they were made well.

At the end of our meal, the chef made us a complementary salmon belly sashimi. It was my first time having salmon belly and I did not take too much of a liking. I think I prefer toro instead. The presentation of it was really nice, it was made into a rose shape.

Our bill came out to be $69.16 for 5 people. The price of the sushi tray was an incredible deal. The specialty rolls were alright, you are essentially paying for the presentation of the rolls. Some rolls are worth it and some other aren’t.

Overall, my friends and I had a great experience. Well made sushi roll with quality. One thing we did notice was that this restaurant was owned by Koreans, which seems to be a trend in most sushi places in Vancouver.  Either way, they know how to make sushi.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Parking on the right of the restaurant (small alley)
  • Decent prices
  • They have a ghetto exterior, but the interior is really nice
  • Amazing Specialty rolls
  • Volcano Roll is really really good!

We Rate SushiHolic:


3311 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Michael Kwan March 16, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    I was put off by the exterior too, but I’m glad I went. You really ought to try the Awesome Roll.

  2. Polly September 16, 2011 at 2:01 am

    I have a soft spot for unique sushi rolls because they are so nice to take pictures of! I think I need to go here very soon, nice post 🙂

    • DesignGirl September 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm

      I know what you mean! No picture of sushi can ever go wrong. haha

  3. Kimberly Nguyen-Don November 17, 2012 at 11:04 am

    I’ve only tried the Volcano Roll at one sushi restaurant so far (Sushi & Roll in Surrey). It was so good that Shen and I went back twice in one week! Haha. Do you know any other places that make the volcano roll? We thought it was special because it wasn’t on their menu (a hidden gem!).

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