Sushi Maro: Lunch in Yaletown

Diana Chan March 2, 2019 Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Yaletown

Sushi Maro is a a Japanese restaurant in Yaletown just steps from Yaletown Station. I came here for a quickie lunch with a friend as we’re never been here before.

There’s a lot of other Japanese restaurants around here but this is more of a casual low key restaurant mostly attracting people who work close by that want a decently priced quick lunch.


There are a lot of tables for 2’s and 4’s inside. As it was lunch hour, the space filled up quickly. You can make reservations if you want to be guaranteed a seat. They also do pick up and delivery too.

Lunch Menu

Miso Soup

If you order any lunch combos, they all come with miso soup. Pretty standard miso soup and nothing interesting.

Lunch Bento C

This has crispy chicken served on top of rice, salad, California Roll, and then tuna and salmon sashimi. It’s a good amount of food for lunch and you get a bit of everything. It’s not fancy but it fulfills the sushi and sashimi cravings.

All of the items in this bento box is standard. Nothing really stands out just like the miso soup.

Quick Lunch C

My friend got the quick lunch C Combo and it comes with 3 pieces of Sashimi of tuna and salmon, 2 nigiri sushi, and it was supposed to be a California roll, but she upgraded it for salmon and avocado roll for a few dollars more.

Final Thoughts

I like their cuts of sashimi and it was fresh tasting. If you’re looking for a quick sushi lunch that isn’t too expensive in the Yaletown area, this is a good option.

1168 Mainland St #101, Vancouver, BC


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