Sushi Garden: Yummy Sushi + Unclean Tables

Diana Chan April 7, 2011 Japanese, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Another late night at school and what is open? Sushi Garden! They close at 10pm. We just made their last call.

M, TaiwaneseGirl, FragileBoy, InsecureGirl and I were ready to eat away because we were starving as usual.

They have lots of items on their menu from rolls, party trays, etc.

Here’s another part of their menu. Lots to choose from!

When we sat down, we noticed the table was still very very filthy even though they wiped down the table. As you can tell from the picture there are lots of sticky stains. TaiwaneseGirl really couldn’t stand it, so she used her tea and napkin to clean off the table. After she wiped it with her napkin, the napkin turned brown and yellow. SO NASTY.

We started off with a large sake. Instead of 1 coming to the table, they gave us an additional one on the house. We have no idea why they gave us a free one. Either way, they boys at the table were happy. Sake is not my thing…I got hard core for the 151. jk. I’m more of a beer or wing girl.

We ordered the Shrimp Tempura ($7.50). Theres about 7 pieces in the order. It was really good and crispy, but there was a bit too much batter, so when you dunk it into the sauce, the batter would fall off the shrimp. (depends on your style of dipping).

We also got the Spicy salmon sashimi ($8.95). The cuts of the salmon were good and has the usual spicy sauce covering it. TaiwaneseGirl loved this so much, she kept getting more and more until the plate was finished.

We also ordered the smoked salmon cream cheese roll ($3.95). I like the texture of this roll since there is a bit of cream cheese. Some people may not like it because the texture is different.

I am a big fan of smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers, so it is yummy to me.

We then ordered the Large for 3 party tray ($39.50). It comes with 52 pieces of sushi.

This party tray came with :

  • House Roll
  • Smoked Salmon Roll
  • California Roll
  • Dynamite Roll
  • Chopped Scallop Roll
  • Tuna Nigiri (3)
  • Salmon Nigiri (3)
  • Ebi Nigiri (3)
  • Chopped scallop nigiri (3)
  • tobiko nigiri(3)
  • unagi nigiri (3)

All of the rolls were pretty good. Quality is quite similar to SushiTown and California Sushi.

Overall, the sushi was pretty good, but I do question their sanitation. Check out the Fraser Health website and search Sushi Garden up.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free Parking in the front
  • Busying during peak hours
  • Large variety of items

We Rate Sushi Garden: 


4269 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC

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