Over the Hill Orchards and Winery: Supper in the Orchard

Over the Hill Orchards and Winery is hosting their Supper in the Orchard series and are located 30 minutes outside Regina. They have partnered with the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC) Regina and have invited chefs to create a 4 course meal for guests using mainly ingredients from local Saskatchewan farms. If you really want to experience something unique, you’ll want to come here. Most of the proceeds do go back to the CCFCC which sends their junior members to locations across North America for training.

On June 2, the day that we went for Supper in the Orchard, Curtis Toth from The Hotel Saskatchewan, Autograph Collection created us a 4 course meal with an asparagus theme. Along with Sous Chef Brett Stecyk, it was a fun evening to see the meal come together.

The Cost

The supper is $65 or $90 with wine pairing. You can also purchase individual glasses of wine for $6, and non-alcoholic beverages for $3.25. It’s not a bad price since you get a unique meal which you can brag to friends as you show them pictures. I made a reservation a week in advance and they took my credit card information just in case I cancelled. They send you an email confirmation with invoice and a map to get to the orchard.


Getting to the orchard was a fun drive, but as you get closer by following your navigation, make sure you follow the signs. If you encounter a very steep hill driving up, you’re in the right direction. Going up can be scary as the view is limited, so just drive slowly.

When we got to the top, we parked and made our way inside. It was windy and cold, so they didn’t have drinks on the patio. Usually if its a nice day, you will see people come early to enjoy the views of the orchard and hills. We got our drinks and made our way to our table and chatted with our tablemates before the meal began.

Asparagus and English Pea Salad

The first dish has charred asparagus, marinated peas, pea puree, sous vide egg , cracked pepper and burnt leek and lemon aioli. It was so damn delicious and a sous vide egg is heavenly. The flavour of the peas and asparagus are so fresh and work well together. This is paired with the Over the Hill Peach Chardonnay as it is an off-dry wine that isn’t as sweet.

Asparagus and Cucumber Gazpacho

The second dish of the evening has the refreshing asparagus and cucumber gazpacho topped with prosciutto smoked parmesan and camelina oil. We slurped it all up and wanted more. Good flavour combinations. This was paired with the Over the Hill gewurztraminer.

Dry aged Striploin

The main dish of the night was delightful. It was sous vide striploin that was seared on the outside. It is served with asparagus gremolata, buttered asparagus, smoked fingerling potatoes, mushroom jam and natural jus. The centre of the striploin was medium rare and showcased the piece of meat. This was paired with the Over the Hill Pinot Noir.

Lemon and Greek Yogurt Cake

You will find zucchini coulis, lemon curd, Over the Hill Sour Cherries, tarragon meringue and pumpkin seeds praline. Who knew zucchini would go well in a dessert. The skilled chefs made it happen.  This is paired with the Over the Hill Apricot Riesling.

Tour of the Orchard

As you noticed, each course is paired with their wines from the orchard. They guide you on a short tour of the orchard but as the day we went, the weather was bad, so it was omitted. If you come here on a sunny day, you can see where the fruits grow and hear the process of how it becomes the products that you enjoy.

Final Thoughts

As the night concluded, we settled our bills and enjoyed the sunset as the night ended. I really enjoyed the meal and a visit out to the orchard. It was a unique experience that I would highly recommend if you are in Saskatchewan.


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