Super Star Seafood Restaurant 鴻星海鮮酒家: Eating Air, Land and Sea Animals

Diana Chan November 12, 2012 Causeway Bay, Chinese, Two Beakers

Super Star Seafood Restaurant was founded in 1989 and have since expanded numerous locations in Hong Kong, Japan and China. We came here with my parents family friends.

It’s popular place to dine and serves up seafood Cantonese style.

It was really packed at night and reservations are definitely needed. The service was really poor for our table since we sat right under an air conditioner. We asked several times for the management to try to turn down the A/C or find an alternative table. After a few servers said they would check on it, no one did. Our food went cold fast and we got so cold too. It wasn’t until the end of our meal when the manager believed that there was something wrong.

Crispy Whitebait and Peanuts came complementary to the table. They are super crispy and its a great snack to munch on as the rest of the meal arrives.

Stir Fried Zucchini and Prawns

The soup that arrived was a clear broth made of chicken and other items.

The separate contents of the soup, so you can eat the other ingredients that make up the soup.

This platter contains cold jelly fish, tofu, crispy pork, BBQ pork and cold pork hock.

Vegetables and seafood in a savory egg sauce

Fried Rice

Steamed Fish

Braised duck stuffed with meat and soy beans

Braised mushrooms and bok choy

Deep Fried Seafood mayo cake

Longevity Buns is a Chinese steamed bun in the shape of a peach.

Red bean dessert

Overall, the food was OK, but the service was terrible. I prefer the original Nathan road location.

We Rate Super Star Seafood Restaurant:

10/F, Food Forum, Times Square
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay


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