Sunny Spot Cafe: Xi’an Street Food on Main Street


Sunny Spot Cafe isn’t a place I would normally go to. I’ve passed by several times, but never took notice until Mags told me to come here for lunch. It is owned by a husband and wife that make all the Xi’an Street Food dishes by hand.

It’s only 2 of them working and they really make their customers feel at home.


We got seated promptly as it wasn’t too busy during the weekday lunch rush. We then asked for tea and ice water as we browsed through the menu.


The menu isn’t very large, but they have the basics – dumplings, soups, salad, noodles, and their specialty buns. All items are under $10 and is quite affordable.


Handmade Pork Dumplings ($8) comes with 10 pieces and are boiled. If you eat them by themselves, it is a bit bland, so you need a touch of sauce or the chilli oil to enhance their flavour.


Tripe and Glass Noodle in Hot and Sour Soup ($6) is very spicy and piping hot when it comes out.


Biang Biang Handcrafted Shaanxi Thick Noodles with Beef ($8) both Mags and Min ordered this dish and they thought it was good. Tasted very homey.

I’ve never been to Xi’an to tell if this is authentic or not, but the food tastes like what your parents would serve you. Good food, no fuss. The owners are nice and put a lot of love in their food that they serve. There’s one item that I didn’t try here, but I will have to next time – braised pork bun.

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2543 Main St Vancouver, BC


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