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Diana Chan October 2, 2010 Chinese, Four Beakers, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

When the whole family gets together, what is the first thing you want to do? If the answer is going out for FOOD, that is RIGHT!

My relatives and I headed out to Sun Sui Wah on Main Street to have some awesome afternoon tea. They have free parking underground so finding a parking spot was not problem at all.  Taking the elevator up from the parking lot, we walked into the restaurant and saw the pretty décor. On one of the walls was a traditional dragon and bird panel. On the ceiling, there was a long white fabric draping down. It was neat to look at and it opened up the space for more light.

We sat down and our place setting consisted on Chopsticks, teacup, bowl, and saucers. All normal. Looking at the vast menu, I had no idea what I was doing, so I sat there and waited for the oldies to order food. They ordered off a Chinese menu with no English, so I have no idea what something’s are called, but I hope you enjoy the photos.

The first dish that came was roasted squab. This is one of their signature dishes for Sun Sui Wah.

The second dish was a cold cut platter. It contained 7 spice beef, tofu curds, red clam, jelly fish,  and fried imitation crab.

The third was Fresh lobster and crab sauteed with superior stock.

The fourth dish was Shark’s fin soup with fish maw and crab meat.

The fifth dish was Pan fried e-fu noodles. This came in a bigger bowl but the server split it up amongst the people at the table.

The sixth dish was Sauteed prawns and scallops with vegetables.

The seventh dish was fish in a sweet and sour sauce. I was not a big fan of the dish because I have never seen fish with sweet and sour sauce.

For dessert, we ordered baked tapioca.

The next dessert we have is mango pudding. This mango pudding has bits of real mango inside and topped with evaporated milk.

The mango pillows were really unique. I have never seen them at any other restaurant before. It is basically a piece of mango and whipping cream wrapped in a crepe skin.

Overall Sun Sui Wah is a really nice Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum or a large family dinner. Being a bit more expensive than normal chinese restaurants, Sun Sui Wah does offer nice decor and better quality food.

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