Styo: Frozen Yogurt with Style

Diana Chan April 2, 2015 Dessert, Downtown, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers


Styo is a new dessert shop on Denman Street that specializes in smoothies, frozen yogurt and waffles. With my SocialShopper voucher in hand, I took KoreanGirl and Mandu here to share 2 Savoury Waffles and 2 frozen yogurts. Everything is freshly made to order, so you can see them making your dessert right in front of you.


There is a decent amount of seating inside. It’s a bit hard to have group seating but I’m sure you can be creative and rearrange some chairs.


Green Tea Twist ($3.95) has a nice subtle flavour, not too sweet.

Mango Frozen Yogurt ($4) is their original frozen yogurt with mango sauce drizzled around it.


Savoury waffles are different than the batter they use for their sweet waffles. It’s great because their savoury waffles are pretty awesome. I find that they taste like croissants and have the consistency of croissants too.


Turkey Mozzarella Savoury Waffle ($7.50) was our favourite! It was like eating a turkey and mozzarella croissant that got smushed in a waffle iron.


Ham and Cheese Savoury Waffle ($6.50) was similar to the Turkey and Mozzarella Waffle. Yummy as well.


Overall Styo, is a pretty good dessert shop for waffles and frozen yogurt. A good surprise to pop up in the West End. I haven’t tried the sweet waffles. We tried attempting to get a sweet and savoury waffle, but with the SocialShopper Voucher we could not choose a sweet option even though it is cheaper according to their menu. It was a bummer, but we were not sad about it because the savoury waffles were pretty addictive. I can imagine this a a great place to take kids.

We rate Styo:

907 Denman St
Vancouver, BC


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