Steveston Farmers and Artisan Market

Diana Chan July 8, 2014 Farmers Market, Richmond


Steveston Farmers and Artisan Market has been around since 2008. It’s a great venue where local farmers, artists and craftspersons make their products available in an open, fresh-air environment.

I came here on Fathers Day with my family and it was a nice sunny day in Steveston compared to the rest of the Lower Mainland where there were crazy rain storms. Luckily, we avoided all of that.

Summer 2014 Remaining Dates: July 20th, August 3rd and 17th , September 7th and 21st


The market was located right near the Cannery. There are 2 little areas of the market and it’s fairly close to each other. They have around 50 vendors participating. The vendors are proud to “Make It, Bake It, Grow It or Catch It” for customers who appreciate buying from, and supporting, local farmers and artisans.


It’s a good place for a foodie because they have a lot of specialty baked goods. If you are gluten-free, they will find shops that cater to your dietary needs.


My sister is celiac, so paying a visit to high crow gluten-free foods. We bought cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats.


Their gluten-free bread tasted great and you wouldn’t believe it does not contain gluten.


A lot of the produce at the different stalls are beautiful.


It’s great knowing you are getting fresh produce and supporting local farmers.


There’s even chicken being sold here.



Another cool discovery is BrainFood Dried Tart Cherries ($20). It’s really good and tastes way different than any dried fruit I found in stores. They also have some other dried fruit too like blueberries and cranberries. All were delicious.


Steveston Farmers and Artisan Market was a great place to take my family and we bought a lot of stuff. Let the cooking begin.


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