[Sneak Peek] Starbucks Reserve Bar in Downtown Vancouver in CF Pacific Centre

Diana Chan December 11, 2018 Cafe, Downtown

Starbucks Canada is ready to reveal its latest and largest store with the opening of the new Starbucks Reserve Bar as of Tuesday, December 11 at 700 W Pender Street (at Granville) in Pacific Centre. With over 4,000 square feet, they can seat 150 guests. This is the largest Starbucks in Canada and features their rare and exclusive small-lot coffees.

This location is the 4th Starbucks Reserve Bar to open in Canada and Vancouver is lucky to have two Reserve Bars now. The other location in Vancouver is located on Main Street.


This large space is a stunning spot for locals and tourists alike to meet but most of the fun comes from sitting at the bar, chatting with the knowledgeable baristas, and watching them move around the laboratory-like setup as they personalize your cup of brew.

A wall of windows lines the length of the store flooding the space with natural light and drawing customers in. Design elements include a prominent coffee bar crafted from rich walnut wood, copper accents reminiscent of the company’s flagship Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, and a striking backdrop of Michelangelo Marble. It’s distinct brown, black, and gold colouring calls to mind coffee growing regions around the world.

At the back of the shop, you can get your usual beverages and food if you like your classic Starbucks order.

What to expect

Featuring rare Starbucks Reserve coffees, the bar gives baristas a platform to engage in a dialogue with customers over a variety of brewing methods, from the state-of-the-art to the time-honoured, including: a manual Black Eagle espresso machine, Clover brewing system, Chemex brewer, Siphon, coffee press, and Nitro Cold Brew taps.

One of the most unique experiences is getting your coffee brewed using the Siphon. It’s picture worthy and is a sensory experience.

It’s a great way to try different brewing methods made by the experienced baristas. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two.


Exclusive Drinks

There are a few amazing drinks that you can only get at Starbucks Reserve Bars. My personal favourite is the Hazelnut Bianco Latte made with Starbucks Reserve espresso,  steamed, house-made hazelnut praline–infused milk. It is amazing and tastes like a liquefied Ferrero Rocher. SO damn good! You can also get it iced too.

Don’t forget their affogato if you are looking for a cool sweet treat. You can have it the classic way with a shot of espresso or you can make it a float with their cold brew.

Exclusive Small Plates

Say hello to Chorizo Mac & Cheese, which is surprisingly good for Starbucks. It costs $7.95 and sits at 680 calories.

The other item is their pear, bacon, and brie flatbread for $6.95 and at 270 calories.

Final Thoughts

There is lots to discover at Starbucks Canada’s newest Reserve bar in Downtown Vancouver from exclusive drinks to exclusive food.If you’re int he area, give them a visit.

700 W Pender Street, Vancouver BC


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