Starbucks: Oprah Chai Tea Latte

Diana Chan May 1, 2014 Cafe


Oprah Chai Tea latte was just introduced at Starbucks for a limited time. When I first heard about this, I was very confused why there was a drink named after Oprah.

The drink was created in partnership with Oprah Winfrey and Teavana teaologists to create the distinctive chai blend. Each beverage purchased, $0.25 is donated back to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation to help benefit youth education.

As there was a Starbucks right below the office, I might as well wander downstairs to try it out.


Here are the prices at Main and Terminal location in Vancouver.

  • Tall – $3.85
  • Grande – $4.55
  • Venti – $4.95

They are the same prices for Oprah Chai Tea Latte and Ice Oprah Chair Tea Latte.


Oprah Chai Tea Latte (Tall – $3.65) has a spicy chai blend of cinnamon, black tea and rooibos, lightly sweetened and finished with steamed milk.

I’m not a usual Chai tea drinker but I thought it tasted fine. Nothing too special.

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