Starbucks offers Peppermint Mocha’s all year round!

Diana Chan January 24, 2011 Dessert, Downtown

THIS IS THE BEST INFORMATION I HAVE EVEN GIVEN YOU. This may be interesting to some … or maybe not.

I went to Starbucks a few steps away from work and started talking to the cashier about holiday drinks. Since there is obviously no more holidays promotions promoting the drinks…I thought why not just ask them if they can make me something.

To my surprise, they had enough ingredients left to make me a carmel brulee latte!

It also turn out, they make Peppermint Mocha’s all year round!

I’m excited! Are you excited?! Seriously, what is cooler than having a holiday drink in the summer?

In the event you may think I am lying, go to Seymour and Dunsmuir street Starbucks to order yourself one!
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