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M here, is it just me or am I the one who’s reviewing all the really really junky foods? This time me and DesignGirl went to Splitz Grill on Main. The outside of the place is nothing to write home about. Inside however, it is very spacious compared to other burger places I’ve been in.

Ordering in Splitz Grill is like a school cafeteria. You order then move down the line and pick the toppings and sauce you want for your burger. It was really nice to get to choose your veggies for your burger like Subway. They even had Alfalfas! DesignGirl got their normal burger and I got the double stacked one. (I was hungry!)

We ordered it with onion rings and poutine for sides. They gave us plastic cups for the fountain drinks, and it was sort of lame that refills cost 25 cents extra. Vera’s has free refills, and so does any non-greedy food place with self serve fountain drinks. And even McDonalds now that I think of it! The onion rings were subpar. At least they were better than Burger King onion rings, (no onions in those). The fries in the poutine were very greasy and tasteless. Very disappointing.

The burgers themselves were great! They were about the same as Burger’s Etc. burgers but not as good as Vera’s. One thing better than Vera’s were the buns. The buns were very strong, so the meal wasn’t as messy as it could’ve been. I’m still curious why every burger place doesn’t use buns as strong as Splitz.

The bill came to be about $35. Very pricey considering the bill racked up more for the sides that were not worth it.

There are a lot of burger places out there that are better than this place. Why would you pay the same price or more for less quality? Would recommend going once, just to try alfalfas in a burger and marvel at the strong bun. If you are ever on Main Street, check it out!


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