Spiritea Drinks: Cold Brewed Teas and Cakes in Richmond (Aberdeen Centre)

Diana Chan December 22, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Richmond

Spiritea Drinks is located at Aberdeen Centre and they specialize in cold brewed tea and desserts. They soak the tea leaves in a low-temperature glacial water, which releases the tea tannins and caffeine to produce a smooth and rich tea aroma. It retains catechin and tea polyphenol of the tea leaves to lower blood sugar, increase metabolism, and good for tea lovers. They brew all of their teas on the spot in a special teaspresso machine

They aren’t a bubble tea shop and do not offer any toppings to their beverages. The owners want to provide healthier options and have been perfecting their drinks for the last year. A lot of their drinks use their green tea base, fresh fruit and sugar cane sweetener. No artificial sweeteners or powders are used.


The interior is beautiful during the day and night with it’s white and pink colours. It is modern, elegant and cute.

A lot of the tables are arranged to fit 4 people, so it’ll be hard to get a large group in here unless you start rearranging tables and chairs.


Jade Green Tea Cloudtea

This can be made hot or cold. You get a deep jade green tea flavour with the salted cream foam on top. They make the foam in small batches so it stays fresh, thick and delicious.

It’s a good option if you love green tea.

Super Combo Fruitea

This is one of their popular drinks on the menu. It has pineapple, passion fruit, orange, lemon slices, lime slices and a strawberry shaken with green tea and cane sugar. It is a solid fruit tea that is refreshing and light.

Very Berry Cloudtea

If you love berries, you’ll enjoy the very berry cloudtea. The mixture of tea, fruit and foam worked well together.

TanCho Black Tea

This comes in a cute skinny bottle. The quality of the tea is very nice, but it’s a pretty standard black milk tea compared to other shops.


They have 4 different varieties of macarons on the menu to pair with their teas – salted caramel, matcha, lychee and earl grey.

Chocolate Mousse

The chocolate mousse has layers of cake and crisp crunchy layers. If you are a chocolate lover, you’ll really appreciate this cake.

Very Berry Cake

This has a layer of cream on the outside and on the inside, there is a berry jam and cake on the inside. The highlight of the cake was really the layers inside. We felt like there was a tad too much cream and it threw of the ratio.

Christmas Tree

This has 3 triangle cakes that make up this Christmas Tree. There is matcha, mango, and very berry flavours. Very cute concept but fairly regular cakes.

Cheesecake Snowflake

Probably the cutest cake of the bunch as it’s shaped like a snowflake and perfect for the holidays. It has more of a cheesy taste to it, so, it may not be for everyone. We still enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Spiritea Drinks is a great addition to the Richmond area and inside Aberdeen Centre. It’s great that their concept of healthy tea and fruit beverages use quality ingredients. The prices are slightly higher than other cafes, but the quality is there. It’s a nice place to sit with friends and just chill over tea and dessert.

4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit 1968, Richmond, B


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