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Diana Chan February 27, 2014 Gastown, Three Beakers, Vegetarian


Finding something healthy near the office is quite tough. Near our office, we have McDonalds, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks. That’s not a very good selection of restaurants to go for lunch. Traveling a skytrain station away, we found Something Healthy.

Magz and I had a large morning snack, so when it came to be lunch time, we just wanted something small and healthy. When we saw Something Healthy, we knew it would  be a great place to have a light lunch.


We didn’t see a lot of people in here later in the lunch hour. The places has a good amount of seats and has green every where.


If you are really in a hurry, they have pre-packed wraps, fruits, veggies and salads.


Raw Green (16oz – $5.25) has spinach, apple, pineapple & fresh orange juice. The juice was sweet due to the amount of fruits. It was good if you enjoy sweeter juices similar to Jugo Juice.

Tropic Delight (16oz – $6.25) has orange, mango & pineapple. Magz was so funny and asked them for their sweetest juice. They helped her choose a good drink.

Fresh Salad ($6.35) has romaine lettuce, bell peppers, corn, cucumber, red onions, & craisins. You can choose your protein either chicken breast, salmon, or tofu. Then you can also choose your dressing – sesame pear, teriyaki, terragon, or sesame vinaigrette.

Overall, there are a good amount of choices, but their salad options are quite limited. Before I walked in, I thought they would have a salad bar, but they didn’t. The prices are quite fair but they definitely need more variety for salads.

We Rate Something Healthy

660 Abbott Street
Vancouver, BC


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