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Diana Chan December 24, 2015 product


The SodaStream Power is an automatic sparkling water maker featuring a one-touch activation providing a choice of three carbonation levels. Unlike their other models, you only have to tap the one button and it will determine how many pumps of carbon to add to your water. With the past models, I hated how it was hard to figure out how many times to push the machine to get it super fizzy. This is also the only model that requires a source of power.

SodaStream has a few different models out in the market ranging from $50 – $180.
Here is my past review about the SodaStream Source.


Power Starter Kit includes:

  • Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker with anodised aluminum finish
  • 1L reusable BPA-free stainless-steel accented carbonating bottle
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 reusable SodaStream CO2 cylinder that makes up to 60L of sparkling water


Putting the parts together is pretty simple. the CO2 canister screws into the back of the machine. Then, put the panel back in and plug in the power cord.


The design of the machine is quite sleek and easy to operate.


You fill the bottle up with cold tap or filtered water up to the line on the bottle to ensure it can trap the carbon in the water.

The carbonating bottle easily locks into place with a single-push motion. Since it is powered electrically, it makes sparkling water in seconds.


I just wanted a simple drink, so I cut some lemons and cucumber to add with the sparkling water.


I like my sparkling water extra fizzy, so I chose level 3 amount of carbonation. One tap was all it needed. I love this machine more than the other ones because I’ve always been second guessing how many pumps to add.

I’ve never had an instance where it was under-carbonated. When I poured the water into the lemon and cucumber, there were so many bubbles! I was very impressed.


Overall, the SodaStream Power is my favourite machine from their whole lineup, but of course it is the most expensive at $180. I ended up giving this to my parents since they drink sparkling water a lot more. One thing my family said about this machine is that its a lot easier to use, plus the bottle locking system prevents any excess water from spilling out. With our older model – SodaStream Genesis, we had some issues with it leaking.

I would highly recommend this product if you love sparkling water.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Stylish design that suits any modern kitchen
  • 3 fizzy settings
  • Snap-lock mechanism


  • Requires power
  • Bottle isn’t dishwasher safe
  • Only comes with 1 bottle in the starter pack
  • Need to refill CO2 canister at select stores


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