[Sneak Peek] Vitasoy Summer Dessert Collaboration with 720 Sweets

Diana Chan July 1, 2018 Chinese, Dessert, Kitsilano

Are you a Vitasoy fan? Growing up, we have always had this treat in our household since I can remember. It’s very nostalgic and Vitasoy is partnering up with 4 dessert shops in NYC, LA, Vancouver, and Toronto this Summer. Together, they will be bringing you unique summer Vitasoy desserts from June 30th to August 19, 2018. Some dates do vary.

These are the locations revealed so far:

  • Vancouver – 720 Sweets (July 7 to Aug 5)
  • New York – New Territories (June 30 to July 29)
  • Los Angles – ?
  • Toronto- Matcha Tea and Dessert (July 14 – Aug 12)

As I am in Vancouver, we were given a sneak peek of the Vitasoy x 720 Sweets collaboration prior to the launch, so lets see what you can expect on July 7th.

720 Sweets: Vancouver

720 Sweets have been known for their whimsical soft serve that was an instant hit when it open many years ago and has since opened various locations across the Lower Mainland. Their desserts are always stunning and the dry ice effect make it very photogenic.

The Special Vitasoy Creations

There are two options to choose from – Soy Good! and Oh Malt Goodness! Both are made with the 2 classic Vitasoy flavours – Original and Malt. They are so pun worthy with the naming of their desserts.

Soy Good!

A soy-milk soft serve with cornflakes, red bean, chocolate stick and condensed milk drizzle.

Oh Malt Goodness!

A malt soy-milk soft serve with maltesers, crushed almonds, Pepero sticks and caramel drizzle.

Behind the Scenes

The magic happens in their open kitchen where you can see the desserts being made. You have original soft serve on one side and then malt on the other. Once they pour in the delicious soft serve into the cups, it’s time for all the toppings.

Soy Good!

This soy-milk soft serve is topped with crushed up cornflakes, red bean, a chocolate stick and condensed milk drizzle. The Vitasoy is very subtle, but one it hits your tongue, it will bring you back to your childhood. Of the two, this was my favourite. The cornflakes were a nice touch to add texture and crunch.

Oh Malt Goodness!

This has malt soy-milk soft serve with maltesers, crushed almonds, Pepero sticks and caramel drizzle. Similar in look with the dreamy dry ice effect. The malt soy milk isn’t as strong in the soft serve, so you really need to concentrate to connect the flavours. Toppings complimented well and wasn’t too sweet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the desserts were fun and it’s a great collaboration. With the subtle flavours of the soy milks, they did a good job incorporating the flavours and pairing with the toppings. If you’re a huge Vitasoy fan, you won’t want to miss this as it won’t be available for too long.

Also, from July 16 -22, 720 Sweets has a promo where if you purchase their Vitasoy creations, you can buy a 6-pack of Vitasoy for $1. Great deal!

3278 West Broadway, Vancouver


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