Smoked Turkey Legs in Disneyland

Diana Chan February 23, 2015 American, Anaheim, California


We found ourselves snacking a lot at Disneyland instead of having a set meal during breakfast and lunch. There really wasn’t time for real meals when we only had a few minutes in between rides. We had so much fun that we only stopped to eat when our feet got tired.

One fun thing to eat at Disneyland are their Smoked Turkey Legs. You can find them throughout the park for about $9.99.


It’s massive and quite heavy. It’s about a pound or so. The meat inside was tender and had a strong smokey flavour, so the turkey tasted more like ham. It makes me curious how they prepared these legs. Plus, what happens to the other parts of the turkey.

You can eat it with fork and knife or go animal style and eat it off the bone. I would suggest fork and knife so you can share it with your friends. They might be grossed out if you slobbered all over it. It’s very tempting, but I had to share because the leg is huge.


I tried to take a size comparison with my iPhone, but I needed it to use it to take a picture of the food. So, here is the turkey leg with my head. One thing I couldn’t do was find Gaston and eat this Turkey Leg at the same time. Tracking down those characters are quite hard.


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