Smartfood Popcorn Review

Diana Chan March 25, 2016 product


Smartfood Popcorn has their classic flavours – White Cheddar Cheese, Movie Theater Butter Flavoured and Creamy Dill. They also recently released their new Jalapeño Cheddar flavour.

I was sent one of each flavour, so I tried them all with my coworkers.


The popcorn packaging also underwent a facelift. They moved from a colourful packaging to more of a matte black with half the colour it used to. Despite the new look, it’s the same good ol’ popcorn inside.


White Cheddar is my favourite flavour of all time. It is gone so fast! We had 2 bags in the office and it got snatched up so quickly.


As innocent as it looks, it is coated with white cheddar flavouring. I get excited when I score that one popcorn kernel that has a ton of white cheddar.


Movie Night Butter Popcorn is great for that classic popcorn taste with an even coating of butter.


Good for accompanying your weekend of movies or binge watching a Netflix series.


Creamy Dill still came in it’s orginal packaging, but I’m sure in stores, it should be the new one soon.


This flavour was ok, but reminded me of dill and cheese. Would be interesting if they tried a dill pickle flavoured popcorn.


Jalapeno and Cheddar is the newest flavour they introduced into their line of popcorn.


It has a strong taste of cheddar and then a nice kick of jalapeno. Very good.


Of all the flavours, White Cheddar still reigns supreme. It’s usually gone very quickly as people grab massive handfuls of it. To hid it from people I usually hide it in the pantry, but there’s always that one person that finds it and finishes off the bag. There’s really nowhere else to hide it but in your tummy.



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  • Riddlemethis

    And what about the crispness and freshness taste of the popcorn? The problem I find with prepackaged popcorn it never tastes like it’s fresh or even remotely fresh. Since you never addressed the freshness, I must assume this prepackaged popcorn is no different.

  • M.

    Where can you buy the Jalapeno Cheddar? I’ve had my eye out for it but still haven’t see it in stores!