Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew: The Breakfast of Broken Dreams

Diana Chan March 6, 2012 Brunch, Riley Park/Little Mountain, Three Beakers

Slickity Jim’s used to be located on Broadway and Main, but due to a bad fire, their business was destroyed. They did reopen on Main and 19th serving brunch, lunch and dinner. It’s a popular place to have brunch on the weekend. I came down here with the YVRBreakfastClub! They have a few tables in the back that can accommodate large groups, so it was perfect. We did have to wait a while.

The interior is very ornate with a bunch of strange items on the walls and ledges. This is the main dining area, but there is another room at the rear of the restaurant with additional seating.

Their menu is the best! They have some very appealing dishes with unconventional names. It’s not everyday that you can have the breakfast of broken dreams or the Revolution Eggs.

It’s a fun menu to explore, but I found the titles distracting since you can be so concentrated on the unique names rather than the description of the dishes.

All the items are quite affordable and are mostly around $10.

Coffee is needed when eating any breakfast… or at least for me since I always manage to only get 4 hrs of sleep.

They also have soy instead of milk or cream!

Breakfast of Broken Dreams ($9.50) comes with poached eggs served on top of english muffins, spinach, caramelized onions and gorgonzola cheese sauce. Also side of potatoes.

KC Dilla and Sunshine Salsa ($9.25) has roasted chicken with brie in a grilled tortilla with mango salsa and a salad.

Sweet Fancy Moses Benedictions ($11) has prosciutto, brie and artichoke on top of english muffins. It also comes with a side of potatoes.

The Morning Yearning ($9.75) has 2 eggs with bacon, chorizo, tomato, with rye bread and potatoes. You can have any style of eggs you want and for the toast you can choose from rye, sourdough or multigrain.

A Woman In A flowing Dressing Kissing her Lover Omelette ($9.75) has prosciutto, spinach, and asiago cheese in the omelette with potatoes and rye bread. Seriously this was the name of the omelette! No joke! I was a tad embarrassed to order this, but it had to be done. The taste of the dish was ok, but the food wasn’t outstanding. Nothing really stood out too much.

The side of potatoes were not very good, nor were they very hot when you bite into them.

Side of bacon ($2.50) was very disappointing, unless you like limp bacon. I like mine cooked a bit more so you get the crunchiness.

Overall, all the dishes were decent, but not outstanding. They have a great sounding menu but the expectations fell a but short. The service was mediocre as well. It took a while for our meals to arrive.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Unique menu items, but don’t be lured by the titles…read descriptions
  • Around $10
  • No reservations
  • Busy during brunch times

We Rate Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew:

3475 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5V

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