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Diana Chan August 22, 2014 Downtown, Fast Food, Three Beakers


SKK is a Mediterranean Restaurant on Robson Street across from the Vancouver Public Library. They are a chain restaurant that originated from Italy, where they provide customers with healthy fast food dishes inspired by the Mediterranean regions.

I received a SocialShopper voucher-  $10 for $20 worth of Mediterranean food and drinks for two at SKK. I came after work with CanucksGirl for a quick dinner.




Turco Beef Wrap ($7.49 +$3) has beef shawarma, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cabbage, hot sauce and secret sauce wrapped in a tortilla. The wrap is then grilled. The wrap was tightly wrapped together and held nicely without falling apart.


It’s packed full of ingredients and is very filling. I split half of it with my friend and we were already quite full eating half of this. The beef shawarma was ok, but it was missing some flavour to make the wrap pop.


Shawarma Chicken Plate ($9.49 +$3) has Chicken shawarma, pita bread, hummus, tabbouleh, hot sauce, and another sauce that might have been tzatziki. I felt the chicken was a bit dry and lacking flavour. Pretty average flavours but it seemed it was lacking the freshness that I was looking for.


For our combo, we got a can of pop and a greek salad. We didn’t realize the meal already comes with tabbouleh, so we would have gotten a dessert if we knew. We just took it home and ate it the next day.


Arabella are grilled tortillas smothered with Nutella. I came with 2 sticks, so it was good to share as each one is quite long. I got this as part of the other combo. Best idea ever!


I cut one in half and you can see all the layers separated with Nutella. It was the perfect dessert to end the meal. Mmm Mmm Mmm you really can’t resist Nutella.


Overall, the staff are quite friendly, but I found the food to be quite average and lacked a bit of freshness. My favourite item was the Arabella!

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386 Robson St
Vancouver, BC


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