Simple Ways to Eat Smoked Salmon

Diana Chan January 19, 2018 product, Recipes

Sliced Smoked Salmon

There are many types of smoked salmon products, but you are probably most familiar with the sliced smoked salmon that comes frozen. It’s very versatile in just about anything. With it’s smokey flavour and soft texture, cream cheese is it’s best friend.

Nanuk is Oceanfood Sales’ house brand with Nanuk smoked salmon being one of their top-leading products. Oceanfood Sales sent me a few different items to play around with, so below is everything I made with it. You can find them at Thrifty’s, T&T, Sobey’s Safeway, Buy Low, Quality Foods, and Whole Foods Market.


This simple 3 ingredient bagel is great with an everything bagel, whipped cream cheese, and lots of smoked salmon slices. Pile it on high and don’t be shy.


Similar to a bagel is toast, but you have some creativity to jazz it up and have different types of toast to pair along with it. I had cream cheese, salmon, capers, and chives on one side and then smashed avocado and red pepper flakes on the other. A good balance of clean flavours.


Balik is usually sliced into thick blocks and topped with creme fresh and dill as well as sturgeon caviar.

I decided to slice the balik into smaller pieces and to keep its integrity as it’s a pretty good piece of smoked salmon. I added hummus on the bottom of the plate, but some radishes, avocado, and topped the salmon with sour cream and caviar.

Maple Smoked Salmon Nuggets

These bite-sized pieces of sockeye salmon are infused with maple syrup.

You can eat it as is when they defrost, or you can heat them up and serve. A good 2 bites per piece and goo smokey depth of flavour with a hint of sweetness.

I didn’t know what to go with some extras, so I chopped it up and threw them on toast with some dill and more cream cheese, Can’t go wrong with that.

Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout isn’t salmon but it can be smoked. I took the hot smoked rainbow trout, which is 100% boneless and goes great with salads. I broke up the pieces and put it all over the salad.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to cook up of great meal with smoked salmon or any types of smoked fish.

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