Sidecut: Mezcal y Maize – A Taco Après Party Recap

Diana Chan November 17, 2017 Event, Whistler

In partnership with Four Seasons Hotel Mexico’s award-winning Fifty Mils and their star mixologis Mica Rousseau, SIDECUT presents Mezcal y Maize – The Apres Party during Cornucopia in Whistler.

Rousseau’s talent and creativity knows no bounds as demonstrated by his recent win of Best Bartender at 2017 World Class Mexico competition.

Executive Chef, Eren Guryel teamed up with Rousseau to create a trio of tacos to pair up with one of his signature cocktails.

We start this inspired Apres experience with a taste of premium Mezcal while enjoying a fun DJ vibe as we waited for the drinks and tacos to arrive. I love the taste of Mezcal, something about it just appeals to my tastebuds.

Naked and Famous

This has mezcal, aperol, chartreuse, and lime juice.

Diana Martini

This has mezcal, St Germain, dry curacao, and black lemon bitter.

Chequez Special

This has mezcal, cynar, amaro averna, pineapple juice, amargo angostura bitter, lemon juice, lemongrass syrup, and smoked cinnamon. I got this drink and I liked how the pineapple juice balanced it all out.


The 3 tacos that come with the experience are:

Pollo Con Mole

Authentic mole braised chicken leg in a soft tortilla.

Tacos Dorados De Queso

Fried feta cheese taco with a green tomatillo sauce. I did enjoy this one, but it was due to the crunch texture.

Carne de Puerco Deshebrada

Pineapple pico de gallo, pickled red onion with a honey chipotle sauce.

Final Thoughts

As the snow stared falling on the day we were here, it was definitely an experience to have an apres party at SIDECUT. We got to try different types of tacos, a mezcal cocktail, and a tasting of mezcal. You won’t get full from this event, but since it’s between 3pm and 6pm, it’s like a midday snack and drink.

4591 Blackcomb Way, Whistler


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