Showshaa: Taproom & Indian Fusion Restaurant in Surrey

Diana Chan January 28, 2019 Fusion, Indian, Pub/Bar, Surrey

Showshaa is a Tap room which serves up modern Indian fusion cuisine. They are located in South Surrey, so it is quite a drive depending on where you live. My friend’s friend told us about this place and when I saw a picture I knew I had to go check it out for lunch. On the weekday, it was pretty quiet but on the weekends, I am sure it picks up during lunch as more people are off work.

Either way, we were excited to devour their modern Indian cuisine that is actually modern for once.


There are large windows surrounding the restaurant, but the focal point is really the bar and the TV screens. There are some high top seating, bar seating, booths, and standard seating.

If you have a big group especially in the evening, its best to make reservations.


Gol Gappa Shots

These come with 6 pieces per order on the cutest little cart. It’s a popular Indian street food with crispy shells stuffed with potato and other ingredients. It sits on top of a mixture of tamarind and mint water. You can pour the shot into the crispy shells or take it as a shot. Either way works.

The tamarind and mint mixture has an interesting taste. You get the pungency of the spices but it isn’t hot spicy.

Alternatively, you can pay a bit more to spike your Gol Gappa with vodka.

Sesame Paneer Fingers

Another signature dish at Showshaa and it has marinated paneer coasted with sesame and then fried. It is served in a glass with a sweet chili sauce.

This dish has a hint of spice and it’s delicious. There are 6 pieces to an order.

Cocktail Samosas

Another appetizer that comes on a cute cart too. There are small cute bite-sized vegetarian samosas that are crispy and stuffed with assorted fillings. It is served with 2 different types of sauces.

Spiced Mumbai Shrimp 

Mumbai Spiced Prawns is marinated in kashmiri red chili powder, lemon juice, and roasted cumin. Then it is deep-fried to a crispy perfection. Another signature dish and it was really good too. A good hint of spices, crisp exterior and very plump prawns.

Tikka Salad

Since we had so many appetizers for lunch, we needed to balance out the meal with some vegetables, so we ordered the Tikka Salad.

You have your choice of chicken or paneer tikka. We went with chicken. It also comes with boiled egg, greens, walnuts, crasins, feta cheese, and a tangy mango dressing. A pretty solid salad if you’re looking for something a bit healthier on the menu. The chicken tikka was seasoned well, but was a tad on the dry side.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were really impressed by the items on their small bites menu. Very modern and innovative for a tap room serving up Indian fusion cuisine. The flavours were definitely there with a good amount of heat. None of the dishes disappointed and we’ll definitely be back in the future. Their lunch specials looked really good too like thier unlimited Royal Lunch Thali for $15.

3020 152 St #101, Surrey, BC


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