Shoppers Drug Mart Introduces Enhanced Convenience Location in Vancouver

Diana Chan April 23, 2017 British Columbia, product, Specialty Shop

Shoppers Drug Mart launched their first enhanced food section at 2748 East Hastings Street in Vancouver close to PNE. I have a Shoppers Drug Mart close to my house and it is handy having to pick up last minute items before going home or heading out to a friends place. Not all neighbourhoods are in close proximity to large grocery stores, so they are carefully rolling this concept out to areas where it makes sense. They officially launched on April 22 and was welcomed by the neighbourhood. They will also be opening this concept at 11800 Cambie Road in Richmond as well. Perhaps more to come in BC and other provinces.

We were invited to see a sneak peek of the new renovations and get a better understanding of the new changes that customers would enjoy. Pharmacists at these stores were also provided nutrition training and health information to better help customers and patients to find better options for their diets. A cool concept.

Enhanced Food Section

All Shoppers Drug Marts have a few aisles of food items, but with the new concept, they’ve added more variety with over 750 new fresh items.


You’ll be able to find popular produce for any last minute ingredients for creating your dinners at home. As they are a Loblaws company, you can trust they are getting their produce from trusted suppliers.

Specialty cheeses and deli meats are available as well from the larger brands and their President’s Choice offerings too. That last minute charcuterie plate can be put together here. It’s a small section but they have a good selection.

Common items like bread is here too. Surprisingly it’s very handy especially during Summer BBQs when you are short a few buns. You can now run over here to get a loaf.

They have a dairy section too.

On the Go Meals

You can also find a selection of locally prepped easy meals, sandwiches, cut fruit and other items. You can also find T&T products like baked goods and sushi that is delivered daily.

A few other Shoppers locations will have this added Grab & Go area for added convenience in Vancouver:

  • 30120 West Broadway
  • 3303 Main Street
  • 1202 West Pender Street
  • 370 East Broadway
  • 1780 West Broadway
  • 586 Granville Street
  • 1006 Homer Street

Other locations will remain the same.

We also found more variety of Asian cooking ingredients, which is helpful given the demographic of the neighbourhood.

Instead of driving further to go to T&T, they have a few staple items here.

Frozen and Packaged Goods

There is a lot more frozen items in the store since they are able to put freezers along the walls. I was also surprised by the amount of aisles in the food section, it looked like it was about half of the store.

Final Thoughts

It’s definitely an added convenience for those in the neighbourhood who are looking for last minute grocery items. I’ve been in that situation many times before too. They obviously don’t have a full selection like a grocery store, but I was impressed with what they had. Since they are a division of Loblaws, the selection of President’s Choice products is plenty at great prices.

If you’re living in the neighbourhood or just passing by and need a last minute ingredient, you can find it here at the Shoppers Drug Mart located close to PNE.


2748 East Hastings Street

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