Shine Valley Lamb Soup: Chinese Lamb Soup, Dumplings, and Skewers in Richmond

Diana Chan November 19, 2018 Chinese, Richmond

Shine Valley Lamb Soup is located in Richmond and they specialize in exactly what their name suggests – lamb soup. I met up with a few friends and headed here for lunch as we heard it was good. They started in 2014 in a food court stall and since it was so successful, they decided to move into a storefront. Their more popular items are Chinese lamb soup, dumplings, and skewers.

If you’re a fan of lamb, you’ll like this place.

The restaurant is located on the second floor, you can take the stairs of elevator to get there.


The interior is large with lots of tables for small to large groups. The look is very rustic and feels like you’re transported back in time.


Lamb Soup with noodles and liver

We got the large size to share. The broth was really delicious and the noodles were cooked perfectly. We really enjoyed it. You can tell the noodles are hand made and the whole dish has a very homey feel and taste. Highly recommended.

Eggplant with Sweet and Sour Sauce

This is also one of their specialties. It was surprisingly good. Very savory and not too sour.

Green Onion and Ham Cake

The bun was very flakey and stuffed with a good amount of green onion and ham scattered inside. It’s easily sharable if you don’t want to have the whole thing. You can dab this in eggplant’s sweet and sour sauce too.

Grilled Chicken Gizzard

Chicken gizzard is the thick part of a chicken’s stomach that grinds the food. It’s very muscular and has a crunchy texture. We got this in mild spice level.

There is a minimum order of 5 pieces.

Lamb Skewer

You have to come here for the lamb skewers, we got these with medium spice level. There is a minimum order of 5 pieces.

Lamb Meat Stuffed Dumpling

The dumplings were boiled and can be eaten with vinegar and chili oil. Very delicious too. Simple and just like what you would get at home. It’s a nice change.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the food was delicious and had a homey taste to it. Not too salty at all. If you’re a lamb lover, you’ll enjoy their signature dishes. I would definitely go again.

If you want to pay with card, you have to pay the whole bill. If you want to split the bill, it all needs to be paid in cash. Fair enough, but just so you know.

4653 Garden City Rd #2215, Richmond, BC


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