Shiang Garden Restaurant: Fourteen Course Meal

Diana Chan June 30, 2015 Chinese, Four Beakers, Richmond, Seafood


Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant is an authentic Chinese restaurant featuring Cantonese dim sum and live seafood. They are located on No. 3 Road close to Parker Place. This is a popular location for weddings as they can seat a large amount of people, plus the layout is ideal for a large banquet wedding.

The restaurant is on the 3rd floor, so you have to go through the parking lot. Their other entrance is currently under construction.

Surprisingly I haven’t been here yet. I came here for a ChineseBites dinner with a few other bloggers to eat through this 14 course meal. I’ve been balancing weekly hikes with these dinners.


They have about 15 chandeliers in here as well as lots of round tables. In the centre of the room is even a visible dance floor.



Prawns Salad with Papaya has half a papaya filled with fruit, mayo and 2 plump prawns. I’m usually not a fan of mixing savoury and sweet items, but its a strange combination that works. It makes a great appetizer since it is refreshing.


Tremella with Chicken & Crab Meat Soup and topped with tobiko. You can add a little of the red vinegar to add a tad more flavour. Soups are definitely essential to a good Chinese dinner.


Whole Chicken in Abalone Sauce is decorated like a peacock with the veggies and cherries. It even comes with its head. They really don’t waste any part of it…but you’re not supposed to eat the head anyways.

The chicken was very moist and went great with the abalone sauce.


Diced Beef Tenderloin in Honey & Pepper Man, the beef is really tender and I could eat this all day! So good! Also, whoever cut those cucumbers has mad knife skills and a super sharp knife.



Specialty Layer Pork with bok choy. A slab of oh so delicious pork belly cooked slowly till pure perfection. It was moist inside with a great deal of flavour. Well executed as the bok choy balanced out the fattiness of the pork.


Lamb Chop with Honey & Pepper reminded me of the diced beef tenderloin. Perhaps similar sauce and both were uber tender. So good!


Whole Tilapia in En-Ping Style is deboned and the flesh is quite delicate. Also comes with head, which can be a freaky thing.


Lobster in Salted Egg Yolk is not a very common flavouring for lobster in a restaurant. It is very delicious and unique. I would still prefer it tossed in a lighter sauce. They did cook the lobster very nicely.


BC Dungeness Crab in White Wine Sauce is always a little bit more difficult to eat since you need to open up the legs and dig for the meat. Definitely not for everyone, but it is a Chinese staple in a large dinner like this.


Steamed Spot Prawns in Garlic were prepared in a unique way. I have never seen prawns sliced down the middle. It made picking at the meat difficult. I really love them whole and I can peel them apart with my bare hands like a beast, but of course thats not very civil in a restaurant setting.

As it is closer to the end of the Spot Prawn season, these were on the small side.


Sauteed Mixed Seafood on a bed of snow peas and beautifully cut cucumbers and oranges. I love seafood and this dish has a good variety of it.


Buddha’s Feast Roll with Cabbage is a vegetarian dish. They did a good job putting together the rolls as they did not fall apart. It was cooked well and I also enjoyed this dish even though it has no meat.


For dessert, we had Baked Durian Pastry and Osmanthus Flower Cake Pudding. I had half a durian pastry, but it just taste like onions to me. Some people love this stuff. As for the cake pudding, it has a very subtle taste and its a nice way to end the meal.

Overall, all the dishes were well executed and tasted fabulous. No wonder people have weddings and go crazy over dim sum at Shiang Garden. Definitely try to make reservations ahead of time. I wasn’t disappointed by any dish. I’ll be back!

Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited by ChineseBites to dine at Shiang Garden and my meal was comped. All thoughts are my own.

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