Shanghai Elan Restaurant 上海粗菜館: Dim Sum Time

Diana Chan October 14, 2014 Dim Sum, Shanghai, South Burnaby, Three Beakers


Shanghai Elan Restaurant is located in Crystal Mall. It takes the place of Pittsburg Cafe, which I’m glad closed down since they did had such horrible food. Crystal Mall probably has the most poorly designed parkade as I like to avoid all life-forms there. People drive crazy and there is a good chance someone is gonna mess up your car.

Besides the craziness of the parking, I love Shanghai food and it has  never disappointed me. It’s a bit hard to find Shanghainese food in Burnaby, so I’m glad there’s something close by. I came here with my parents for an early lunch on the weekend. It was kinda like Dim Sum but without the traditional type of dishes.


Hot and Sour Soup ($10.50) was what we started the meal with.  It was easily sharable with a table of 4. It was thick and contained a lot of ingredients inside.


I’ve always loved this soup since it was a bit spicy, a bit sour and loaded with different textures like bamboo shoots, fungus, and other things.


Shanghai Fried Rice Cake with shredded pork and vegetables ($10.50) it has a lot of rice cake. Good taste and it has a chewy texture to them.


Marinated Beef Wrapped in pancake ($6.50) was ok, but I hated how the pancake was so thick and doughy.


Steamed Chicken and Pork Wonton Soup ($14.50) has a delicious broth but the wontons were tiny and had very little meat in each wonton. I think I’m just used to having those big wontons in soup.


XLB Steamed Pork Buns ($5.50) is a popular dish and almost everyone orders it. Inside there is a light broth with pork encased in the bun. It’s good but it’s still not as addictive as Dinesty.


Pan Fried Chives Dumpling ($5.50) came with 2 deep fried  dumplings and sauce.


When we opened it up, I thought there would be more Chives inside. It was a mixture of chives, glass noodles and egg.

Overall, the food was ok, but I expected a little bit more from the dishes I ordered. I prefer their dinner items at Shanghai Elan Restaurant.

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1687-4500 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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