Shang Noodle House 尚麵館: Snack and Ramen


Shang Noodle House is a restaurant of the Kirin Group. We actually wanted to go to Kirin in the Starlight Casino location, but sadly their last call ended for Dim Sum, so our only option was to try Shang Noodle House. They share the same kitchen as Kirin, so you will find similar quality in food. I find the food items a strange mix of Hong Kong Style Cafe and Japanese Ramen Shop.


The interior is nice and has a lot of seating. As it was around 2pm, this place was pretty empty.


Mango Calpis ($3.50) was what a few of us ordered and it comes in the big bubble tea cups.


Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings ($4.58) comes with 4 pieces. The quality was ok, but still isn’t as addictive as Dinesty or Din Tai Fung.


Deep Fried Crispy Tofu ($4.28) has a lot of pieces for the order. Great for sharing.


Slider of Sliced Braised Beef Shank with Pan Fried Onion ($4.28) comes with the 2 sliders. It’s deliciously crispy on the outside.


Sliced Braised Beef Shank ($6.88) has 12 pieces and another great dish to share.


Roasted Pork Belly ($6.88) is yummy! The skin is very crispy and it’s dripping with flavour.


Malaysian-style Traditional Ramen with Chicken, Prawn and Squid in Spicy Laksa Soup ($9.88) was a huge bowl, but the overall taste was nothing like ramen or laksa.


Deep Fried Chicken Fillet Japanese Ramen in Pork Broth ($9.88) was what M ordered and it was good that all the fried items came on a separate dish so it does not get soggy in the ramen.

M had similar comments with the ramen not even close to being Japanese style. It was a still a big decent bowl of noodles.


Traditional Ramen with Spicy Meat Sauce ($7.88) had large portions too.


We found all the snacks to be great value and tasted really good. When we had the noodles, it was pretty unimpressive. I would stay away from the noodles and share a bunch of snacks…kinda like dim sum style.

We Rate Shang Noodle House

350 Gifford Street
New Westminster BC


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