Shake Shack: Iconic Burger Joint in New York

Diana Chan July 3, 2012 Sandwich, Three Beakers, Upper West Side

Shake Shack is another iconic restaurant to dine at in New York. This location surely doesn’t look like a shack, but still has the delicious burgers that customers want. The original location isn’t this once, but it’s very close to the Museum of Natural History.

It was on CanuckGirl’s list of must eats, so we decided to go here. We were in the area anyways, so we didn’t want to miss a chance at eating their famous burgers and milk shakes.

It was packed inside!! There was a long line to the counter and a bunch of people waiting for their order.

They have seating upstairs and another seating area in their basement. It’s better eating on the main floor because of the nice natural light.

CanuckGirl and I ordered a little bit of everything. It’s not that healthy for you, but hey…when you’re on vacation, you can indulge a little. Plus all the walking in New York will surely burn off the fat.

Strawberry Shake ($5) is what CanuckGirl ordered and she enjoyed it.

Fair Shake ($5.50) is a vanilla shake with 100% certified organic coffee. It was good, but there could have been a stronger coffee taste to it. Nonetheless, it was still good for the hot summer weather.

Cheese Fries ($3.65) has the bed of crispy fries with a large amount of melted cheese. It was more like cheese spread rather than cheese. It was still very gooey and fun to eat.

Shack Burger ($4.55) is made with 100% angus beef, cooked to medium and comes with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and shack sauce.

Shack Stack ($8.60) is their cheese burger with a shroom burger topped with lettuce tomatoes and shack sauce. If you can’t decide between the cheese burger or shroom burger, might as well choose this one. I really loved this burger since the portobello mushroom was very crispy and very juicy at the same time.

Overall, we did enjoy our experience here. The waits are long and you might have to stalk other for a table, but it you have patience, you’ll do just fine. The prices are a bit high on a few items, but it’s worth it.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Shack Burger or Shack Stack Burger!
  • Lunch will probably be around $10
  • Long waits and limited tables
We Rate Shake Shack

366 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY

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