Sha Lin Noodle House: New Location with Great Noodles

Diana Chan January 6, 2013 Chinese, Fairview, Three Beakers

Sha Lin Noodles

Sha Lin Noodle House has a new home a few blocks away from its original location. Their name is also Shao Lin Noodle House. They clearly have an identity crisis and have no consistency on their name. In my mind, it will always be Sha Lin Noodle House.

The guys and I were feeling hungry and wanted some cheap food. My mind automatically goes to Sha Lin Noodles since their noodles are about $7.

Sha Lin Noodles

The interior is much larger and has more tables.

Sha Lin Noodles

You can still watch their chefs cook and prepare their famous hand-made noodles.

Sha Lin Noodles

Dragging noodles with chicken and vegetables ($6.95) I always order this, I don’t know why but I never have the temptation to try any other noodle dish. It’s a very simple dish with the noodles on the bottom, vegetables and chicken.

Sha Lin Noodles

Dragging Noodles with Beef & Bean Sprouts in Soup ($6.95) the beef was delicious and so were the noodles. Just put a bit of chili oil and it’ll be deeeelicous.

Sha Lin Noodles

Curried Dragging Noodles was delicious. M prefers the dry noodles since it’s easier for him to eat without the soup splashing about.

Sha Lin Noodles

Pan Fried Dumplings was horrible this time around. The skin was so thick and the meat inside was smaller. It just felt like eating bread than dumplings. Everyone agreed that this dish was terrible.

Overall, the interior has definitely improved. The noodle dishes are still delicious, but those popular pan-fried dumplings are horribly executed. Even with the new restaurant, their prices have still remained the same.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10 per dish
  • No MSG
  • Large Portions
  • House made noodles
  • Noodles are a must!!!

We rate Sha Lin Noodle House: 

656 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC


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  1. Greedy Guts January 6, 2013 at 10:27 am

    I was there just the other day and was terribly disappointed. Having said that, I haven’t tried the soup dishes so maybe I’ll try that before I make my final decision. I personally prefer Peaceful Restaurant, even if their service is questionable.

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