Search & Rescue Apron Co: Premium Custom Aprons in Vancouver

Diana Chan December 31, 2018 British Columbia, product

Search and Rescue Apron Company is located on Granville Island in Vancouver and they specialize in luxury aprons that can be customized and full of style for yourself, gifts and those in different professions.

I’ve seen chef’s, bartenders, hair stylists, carpenters, and tattoo artists wear these aprons around town, and it really sets them apart. Each apron is hand-made right in the store using locally sourced materials by locals.

It’s great to see the transparency when you walk into the shop and they are getting every customers orders ready. Inside the store, you can see a variety of aprons and get a feel for what they create.

They also have different bags and small aprons for the mini chef at home. It’s quite cute and you’ll definitely discover a bit more in the store.

Custom Aprons

I ended up working with them on a customized apron that fits into my Canadiana theme that I didn’t see on the racks. You can come into the store to see the different fabrics, work with staff to see all the different sizing, feel the fabrics and see other details you can add to your apron.

It was really fun to see all the possibilities that can make it work for your style.

If you aren’t in Vancouver or want to build your apron online, they just launched their online apron builder so you can customize it all online or select one of their top selling aprons that are already created for different professions. They can ship across Canada, US, and other international companies.

The Results

As a food blogger and a home cook, I wanted an apron that worked well around the kitchen, so I didn’t need a lot of pockets that fit different culinary tools.

I made my apron with these specifications:

  • Top right pocket that fits a large iPhone on red plaid
  • Bottom left towel loop on red plaid
  • Black Canvas
  • Leather brown X Straps
  • Gold hardware
  • White stitching colour

I was very happy with the results and quality of the materials. It will be my go to apron in the kitchen. It is definitely a premium apron for those who want a bit more style in the kitchen that sets yourself apart from others.

If you are looking for something unique, definitely check out Search and Rescue Apron Company.


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