Screamers Soft Serve & Treats: I Scream For Ice Cream…and Slurpee

Diana Chan August 23, 2011 Dessert, Richmond, Three Beakers

A long time ago, there was a shop at Metrotown that served up a delicious blend of ice cream and slurpee. It was one of the highlights of going to Metrotown with my parents. I was so devastated when it shut down. I thought I would never see the delicious concoction again.

As I was browsing through Twitter, I found out a shop called Screamers in Steveston was selling the wonderful dessert. Since it was so far away in Steveston, I had to give M a good reason to take me here. It really didn’t take much convincing since we were both bored after exams.

You order from the first window and pick it up in the other window. The simple menu is located on the right side. They only have 4 flavours of screamers, but its good enough.

Grape Crush Screamer (Small – $3.35) has the mixture of the vanilla soft serve ice cream with the grape crush slurpee. You can see that the ice cream is surrounding the entire cup and not just on the bottom or just at the top. Well integrated so you won’t miss a bite of the slurpee and ice cream.

Orange Crush Screamer (Small – $3.35) was my favorite because I’m a orange crush girl! Super delicious on a hot summers day.

Lime Crush Screamer (Small – $3.35) was also good. We all come to a consensus that the soft serve ice cream was really really good. M and ScarFace loved the combination of the 2 items but felt that the small was really large. We kept going at the screamer, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Well worth the money.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Mini or Small is a good size
  • All items under $5
  • Free parking on most roads (Super hard to find a spot during peak hrs)
  • Delicious soft serve ice cream

We Rate Screamers Soft Serve & Treats: 

12211 Third Avenue
Richmond, BC



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