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Diana Chan July 20, 2016 Cafe, Chinese, Dessert, Richmond, Two Beakers


Scorpio’s M Dessert is a little shop hidden on Alexandra Road. They specialize in homemade shaved ice desserts.

There is little to no parking in this plaza as most of the spots are reserved for other restaurants and businesses in the plaza.

We were invited by ChineseBites to give a few of their signature items a try.




The interior is very nice and reminds me of a shop that should be serving high tea. Randomly there are so odd items that seem like they shouldn’t belong, like a bunch of Chinese looking shelves.




The menu has pages upon pages of shaved ice, drinks, and their pancake series.



Mango soda was a drink that the majority of the people at our table ordered. Refreshing, but it was a bit sweet. Could have been a bit more fizzy too.


Papaya Milk was pretty good as it uses real papaya.


Milk Tea was very artificial tasting and seems like it was made from powder. Very sweet and was not very good.

Pancake Series


The pancakes are wrapped up like cheese burgers and are pretty good. It comes with 1 piece per order, but its definitely enough for 2 people to share one.


Mango Pancake has a piece of ripe mango and whipped cream inside the crepe pancake. I really enjoyed it and it was definitely a treat.


Durian Pancake has the similar component and a good amount of durian. Durian is very pungent to some people and to other its an amazing fruit. Half of the table despised it and the other half was on team durian.

Homemade Shaved Ice


Mango, Kiwi, and rice ball with homemade shaved ice. Topped with fresh mango and kiwis, but the milky shaved ice was more like soup.


Strawberry and black sticky rice with homemade shaved ice had a similar feel to the other desserts. Definitely one of the more filling desserts because of the black sticky rice.


Green Tea Shaved Ice with Grass Jelly was decent, but I really didn’t like the chunky texture of the shaved ice.


Mango and basil seed with mango homemade shaved ice had the fresh mango up top, but the foundation of the desserts – the shaved ice really ruined all the desserts.


Overall, we didn’t like any of Scorpio’s M’s shaved ice desserts. The only item that was good were the mango and durian pancakes. They were huge

With so much competition in the area for shaved ice, the icy texture of shaved ice was so 10 years ago. We are seeing more and more shaved ice places having smoother product with a better consistency.

We rate Scorpio’s M2rating

1200-8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond

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