Science of Cocktails 2018: 1500 Attendees Raising $276,695

Paulina Tsui March 15, 2018 Cocktails, Downtown, Event

Science World’s Science of Cocktails returned for its 3rd year this February and it was just as dazzling as the years before. Yes it is a fundraiser, but don’t expect a stuffy gathering of the elite with crab cakes, standing tables and polite applause. In Vancouver, we do it our way. Like other annual city favorites, it’s where people gather to watch artists of their respective crafts pour their hearts out (into our cups) for a great time out.

It was a sold out house of 1500 and raised $276,695 to support the Science World Class Field Trip Bursary, which allows kids from underserved schools an opportunity to go on a free class field trip to Science World. Remember staring up at the giant twinkling disco ball that is Science World while your teachers counted you?

Help bring memories to more kids at next year’s event on Feburary 7, 2019. Tickets will start at $125. Note that you can get a tax receipt when you purchase a ticket too. Sign up to be notified when they go on sale:

As for what to expect, this year 35 new creative cocktails headlined this year, all different from 2017, with 11 food stations run by local favorites like Pidgin, Bao Down the Donnelly Group and more. Don’t let the cute cups fool you, trust the safety goggles, these drinks mean business.

Last year I took my time and listened to all the science, like how they made a boulevardier as an ice cream . This year we tried to conquer the whole circuit before the night ran out. Whatever your pace, this is a night is perfect cocktail lovers.

My favorite this year was “The Mystique” with Hendricks gin, Fentiman’s tonic water, Ms Better’s Bitters green strawberry bitters, lime juice and butterfly pea flower ice cubes. I’m a sucker for anything with butterfly pea.

If molecular caviar yuzu pearls is not “science” enough for you, guests have the freedom to roam around and enjoy all the little wonders, experiments and exhibits that make up Science World too.

Detailed Old Fashioned with Lot 40 using titration

Muddling liquid nitrogen to make a Nitro Margarita

The Perfect Gin & Tonic with a basil edible “toothpaste”. Sounds really weird, but is very tasty.

Salted Rob Roy with salted caramel sauce featuring liquid nitrogen encapsulation.

Smoked Rosemary Caesar


Cubano of Havana Club rum, honey, bitters and sous vide bananas.


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